Choosing the Right License for Your Story

Are you ready to share your spine-tingling story with the world of Creepypasta enthusiasts but feeling a little stuck on which license to choose? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Understanding licenses can be as perplexing as the plot of a good horror story. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you select the best option for your creepy creation.

Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons licenses are the go-to for online content creators. They’re flexible and allow you to set the terms for how others can use your work. Let’s unwrap these options:

CC BY (Attribution)

  • What it means: Others can use your work any way they like, as long as they give you credit in the way you request.
  • Great for: Authors who want to maximize their story’s spread while ensuring their name is attached to it.

CC BY-SA (Attribution-ShareAlike)

  • What it means: Similar to CC BY, but with a twist. If someone modifies your story, they must share the new version under the same terms. It’s the “share and share alike” of the licensing world.
  • Great for: Authors who want to encourage a community of sharing and ensure all derivatives remain freely available.

CC BY-ND (Attribution-NoDerivs)

  • What it means: Your story must be shared as is, with no changes, and with credit to you. It’s the “appreciate but don’t alter” choice.
  • Great for: Authors who want their work shared far and wide but kept in its original, pristine form.

CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)

  • What it means: Others can remix or tweak your story, but not for commercial purposes. They must also credit you and keep new creations non-commercial — but they don’t have to follow the same license.
  • Great for: Authors who are okay with fans playing with their work, as long as it’s not for profit.

CC0 (Public Domain Dedication)

  • What it means: You waive all rights and put your work straight into the public domain. Anyone can do anything with it, no credit needed.
  • Great for: Authors who want to gift their story to the world with no strings attached.

Making Your Choice

Consider how you feel about the following:

  • Credit: Do you want to be credited every time someone uses your work?
  • Commercial Use: Are you okay with businesses profiting from your story?
  • Derivatives: Do you mind if people adapt or build on your story?

Still Unsure?

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Your story is unique, and so is the choice of how it’s shared. Take your time, consider your intentions, and pick the license that feels right for your ghastly tale.

Got more questions? Still unsure? Click here to get help choosing a license. Your story is your legacy — let’s make sure it haunts the internet the way you intend it to.