3:47 pm. August 4th, 1973.

My name is Kevin Matthews. I am at the Matthews Lakeside cabin in Black Rock Park which I received in my dad’s will. I’m writing this to document my odd findings of my family’s lakehouse.

I’ve been looking at real estate ads in the paper to get a good idea of how much I can get off this place. I then looked through some old newspapers and read articles about murders and strange unexplainable occurrences at a cabin by lake Buchanan, called “Camp Matt”. After hearing of this I had to get answers.

9:14 pm. August 5th, 1973.

Today I spoke to someone who witnessed some phenomena, a main named Clawson Aandale. Mr. Aandale said that he was staying at Camp Matt for about 3 days and on the 3rd night he said he saw a man standing under the tall oak out front, staring into the cabin windows. Another odd thing, Clawson said that the man was wearing the same clothes that he was, that he was…imitating him. Another, Ruth Oakley, found her husband Dylan stabbed to death under the “tall oak” at Camp Matt in 1953. She swore her innocence to the police and that she had nothing to do with his death, but the only prints found on the knife were hers and she claims she only touched the knife after pulling it out of her husband. She also told police that she locked the doors at night , but they were unlocked from the inside in the morning.
After hearing about this “tall oak out front” both times, I realized this was no coincidence. Through more research I found that “Camp Matt” was the name of this place up until 1954. Clawson’s encounter happened in 1952. Ruth’s in ’53.
I’m staying at a crime scene only 3 years younger than myself.
This changes my whole perspective on things.

9:00 am. August 7th.

I saw the man Mr. Aandale described through the window, but this time he was dressed just like me. Blue jeans with a hole on the right knee, plaid shirt, and a ripped up baseball cap. He didn’t budge at all. Every hour or so I would wake up just to see him standing there in the exact same spot under the tree. I can’t call the police. I can’t leave. I fear for my life.

August 9th. Time unknown.

There is no longer any electricity in the lake house. I tried to leave when it was daylight outside, but when I opened the door it was night, and the man was still standing there. I think he’s holding an axe.

August 11th.

It’s morning again. I think.
My watch says it’s 5:13 pm but that’s most likely false. I’ve been trying to keep track of the date but this has all been very confusing. I think it’s been 6 days. I’ve tried over and over to leave during the day, when it’s safe, but every time I open the door it’s fucking nighttime. My watch says 5:13 pm but it could be 9:35 pm or 3:18 am or 11:29 pm or any other time OTHER than 5:13 pm.
I’ve placed myself in this inescapable house and the nearest telephone is 34 miles away in Llano. I’m helpless.

Time unknown. Date unknown.

I can no longer keep track of the date.
I looked out the window and saw eight corpses wrapped in sheets hung upside down on the branches of the tree, and they were soaked in blood. The man with the axe is still in his spot, waiting for me to step out of here.
I’ve run out of options.
I’m going outside.

Time Unknown. Date Unknown.

I’m outside. I stood in the light of a lamp mounted on the tree. I keep seeing a man inside the house. He keeps staring at me through the windows. He looks exactly like me. I found an axe at the tree’s base.
The man in the house is an impostor. He will come out of there, and when he does…

…it’ll all be over.

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6 years ago

Oh nice twist

Sublime avatar
6 years ago

I really enjoyed this thriller 😀

6 years ago

Well written. Good read

6 years ago

Very well done. Loved the whole stuck in a time warp feel you put to this.

6 years ago

its pretty good i liked it.

dkline02 avatar
6 years ago

Awesome Story of paranormal activity.

PabloEscobar avatar
6 years ago

This is the twist

6 years ago

Well…this is rather interesting.

6 years ago

wow that was cool the mindfuck was cool

6 years ago

I LOVED the ending! it had an amazing twist and i wish there was a part 2

6 years ago

As someone who visits Lake Buchanan and Llano on the regular this creeped me out big time. Ill definitely have to rethink camping out at Lake B now.

Omfi avatar
6 years ago

This is Friday the 13th more originality please! 7/10

6 years ago

This whole site has turned crap. The stories on the landing page are rarely refreshed meaning you have to either get a random or search. When you do find something you haven’t read it’s of a poor standard and barely readable. You have lost a formerly loyal user. I will stick to from now onwatch this get removed because the lazy admins don’t like the truth.

loverofcreepy avatar
6 years ago

i love the twist in the end, this pasta was cool

SamuraiJACsr avatar
6 years ago

I felt like they were song their reflection in the window at first. Until the axe. Well done, but could be fleshed out more, especially at the end. I mean how many days did he go without food or water inside? The end makes it seem like he either went crazy or was there for months without a calendar. Was his watch one without the date? You’d think he would experiment with other ways of escaping. Good story with great potential.

6 years ago

Beautiful writing and plot twist. Theres something to be said about short stories that are able to be just as creepy if not creepier than their longer counterparts!

Rogldr84 avatar
6 years ago

Great job fitting so much creep in such a short story, I am left to wonder about the corpses in the tree though

DrakenPage avatar
6 years ago check out my work maybe you guys will like it. Lost souls.

Missusstef avatar
6 years ago

Creepy, I enjoyed it.

Liv1o1 avatar
6 years ago

I like the flow and the fact it was all in journal format.