In The Headlights


I was driving home late one summer evening. It was dark and everyone was in their beds. My eye lids felt heavy as I struggled to pay attention to my driving on the dark and empty country road. I knew this road so well I probably could drive home with my eyes closed. It didn’t sound like a bad idea as I sleepily nodded.

Before I knew it, my eyes were closed and I was asleep for a couple seconds before jerking my head back up and shifting my body in the seat. I rolled down my window and let the cool air blast into my face. I was almost home. Just needed to focus on my driving a little longer, then I can collapse into my soft bed. Focus…


I opened my eyes, I must’ve fallen asleep again. I noticed something in the middle of the road ahead, but I was still waking up and it didn’t even cross my mind yet that I should slow down. It happened so fast. My eyes widened as I saw a deer, a doe, that glowed white in the headlights, but something was strange; It was bounding right towards me!

Adrenaline suddenly shot through my body and I felt numb. I swerved the vehicle in hopes of evading a collision with this maniac animal. Split-seconds seemed like minutes. I heard a THUMP as I side-swiped the deer, but managed to get back on the right side of the road and look in the rear view mirror. I swear I heard a woman’s blood curdling scream. The deer was still running straight forward, but somehow it’s neck was completely twisted around, as if broken, and it was looking at me still, its mouth gaped open. It disappeared into the darkness behind me, along with the screaming.

I woke up in my bed, the sun peeking in the windows between the curtains. Was that a dream? It must’ve been. My body still felt shaky and paralyzed from the nightmare, and I was wet with sweat. After laying there for a while, reviewing the strange dream in my head, I finally had the ability to move again and I rolled over to look out the window beside my bed. The white deer was staring at me with pinkish-red, soulless eyes.

It screamed.

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TheMonsterInYourCloset avatar
4 years ago

whole comment is a spoiler

MissSpookycat avatar
6 years ago

Yes, I agree that albino deers are freaky too.

MissSpookycat avatar
6 years ago

“…I saw a deer, a doe…” BINTCH ITS DOE, A DEER

The best
The best
6 years ago

While reading: I was imagining the deer as a deformed deer with a womanish appearance, which made it creepy, after reading and thinking about it, I noticed that it was a normal deer screaming it seemed funny. I think that if in real life this would happen it would be terrifying but in a story it’s funny (except if you have a mind that will create the deer into a deformed thing)…

Kookiegirl avatar
6 years ago

This was so creepy! But very well written! I’d be so scared if I was that person! :O

Eminems avatar
6 years ago

when i read this i imagined the deer having the features of a screaming pale woman and the body of a deformed deer, as if the woman was stuffed inside the deer. I think my strange mind led to the story having that creepy factor and chills it gave me. Excellent writing, good work!

7 years ago

meh kind of funny but had good writing style

kylemcpasta avatar
7 years ago

It’s a good little story and I enjoyed it, though I’d say it was more ironic and funny than scary. The symbolism of the deer as a human was interesting, but I guess it’s just not my type of pasta.
Nonetheless, great job.

N.A. avatar
7 years ago

It was a rather interesting concept. I feel it could have gone on longer or been a little more clear. The fact that the person was driving then in bed wouldn’t have bothered me, except for the deer showing back up. If it was a dream, the dream really didn’t require driving so you could have gone anywhere with this creature idea.

TheMadGamer avatar
7 years ago

This reminded me of a screaming goat video for some reason.

8 years ago

I liked it a lot. Nice job. In real life it would be horrifying, but reading it was semi funny

OliviaRomineD avatar
8 years ago

Great story! The whole deer screaming thing would be terrifying in real life, but I thought it was kind of funny in the story. Great job though.

IAmBread avatar
8 years ago

It’s ok, it could use more scare factor that a deer, but I rate it 8/10 breads.

PunkKawaii avatar
8 years ago

I agree with Anon13 I actually laughed.

anonymous13 avatar
8 years ago

I dont know why, but that image of a deer looking at you and screaming is kind of funny

PsycoticSnake avatar
9 years ago

ThaT A C99L St9Ry A LitTle StrAngE But C99L

10 years ago

Not very scary. Dead deer wasn’t too terrifying but it was still good.