People Seldom Look Up

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Throughout my time observing the everyday activities of humans, I’ve noticed several quirks about them. Many of these can be used to my advantage. One such quirk is that people seldom look up. Whether sitting alone in a dark room, running panicked through a forest, or dining in a crowded restaurant, they rarely glance skyward. I’m uncertain of the reason for this lack of upward glances, but it works in my favor.

You see, I am a cunning creature that relishes tormenting humans. Like other malicious beings, I have my unique method of instilling fear and sometimes causing harm. The best way to observe humans unnoticed is to cling to the ceiling and peer down at them.

It delights me to produce faint noises—those creaks and groans many hear in the night—and observe as paranoia sets in. If I execute this perfectly, the ensuing fear is palpable. I might stretch one of my long, black legs down, tap a shoulder, brush against a limb, or even extinguish a light. The unsuspecting human might scan their surroundings, but as I’ve mentioned, they seldom look up. While I might not harm them, I revel in their reactions and the increasing paranoia. Later, I observe their restless sleep. Since many lie on their backs, they often look up, forcing me to hide in a closet or under the bed. Most don’t sleep well after my antics. Some rationalize the situation to calm themselves, which I find amusing. It’s typically when I decide to move on to my next victim.

However, when someone remains unfazed by my antics, my frustration mounts. This is when I wish to conclude the night’s amusement, leaving my chosen companion in a gelatinous state. If only they looked up, they might stand a chance against me. I’m not invincible—merely another nocturnal creature. If someone does glance up, which has occurred occasionally, I flash a wide, sharp-toothed grin and might even offer praise. But their fate is sealed. It’s pitiable how victims remain unaware as I envelop them, preparing to thrust the claw at my arm’s end through their back, ripping into their neck. If only they looked up, they could potentially flee. I rarely pursue. But they seldom look up. Which is why, right now, I’m gazing down at you. Don’t look up, friend. I doubt you’ll appreciate the sight.

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Darkdemon4148 avatar
3 months ago

I’m in the middle of class and my teacher gave me a weird look and asked “me you alright” after I quickly looked up at the ceiling.

Moss avatar
3 months ago
Reply to  Darkdemon4148

Same, mate

CodMinotaurBarbaria avatar
Reply to  Darkdemon4148

the same thing.

13 days ago
Reply to  Darkdemon4148