We Don’t Deliver


After moving to a small town in southern Michigan I got a job as a cashier in the local store. After work I would walk home to my small house and order a small pizza.

This was my routine for two weeks when things took a strange turn. I called in my usual order to the pizzeria when a new voice, one I hadn’t heard before answer the phone and told me “The usual? No problem. I’ll deliver it in less than five minutes.”

Sure enough within five minutes my order was delivered and it was exactly what I had ordered every night before. When I tried to give the delivery boy a tip he declined, he said he didn’t need it and that he was just working at the pizzeria to get out of the house and to try and meet new people.

This became my new routine for about three months. I’d order the same pizza and the same deliver boy would stop by at the same time. It was sort of a running joke between us how he knew my routine so well and that I always had exactly what he needed.

When I grew tired of eating the same thing every night. On my way home I stopped at the small diner across the street from the pizza place and had a nice dinner. Through the window I saw my usual delivery boy leave the pizzeria with a box in hand, heading toward my block.

I returned home, later than usual, and I found a pizza box sitting on my doorstep. On the box was a note that said, “Missed you. Guess I’ll get what you owe me tomorrow.”

This creeped me out. I called the pizzeria and told the manager what I had found. I told him about the message and that for the past three months the same delivery boy had been stopping by and that I was sure he was the one who left the note.

It was then the manager told me something I never expected. “Ma’am, we don’t deliver.”

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5 years ago

You guys aare STOOPID and over thinking. The writer, clearly stated the person walks home from their long day of work, which would give you the assumption they dont have a vehicle like a million others who don’t.. you’re bashing a small pieceof the story over something you’ve imagined. When thestory NEVER mentioned the person getting pizza delivered before.
Use the very brain that comes with that thick skull of yours.

Dead_soul avatar
6 years ago

Interesting….short,but leaves you much to think about

6 years ago

How is this so well rated? The ‘twist’ is revealed in the title. The author clearly already ordered pizza, as stated in the first paragraph. There are cryptic references to the author giving the pizza delivery boy ‘something.’ This is never expanded on. And, most important, it’s a story about a ghost pizza delivery. That isn’t scary. It’s just sad.

TheHazmatSuit avatar
6 years ago

Well written and fun, okay. However, the so-called twist ending is so clichĂ© and un-scary it almost feels like a spoof or parody of the genre. If that’s what it is, then by all means good job, because I laughed like a madman at the wham line at the end (or should I call it punch line?). If it was written to be genuinely scary and serious then…I’m sorry.

6 years ago

Cool pasta. 4/5. Just one thing, the title gave it away.

6 years ago

Well written

SamuraiJACsr avatar
6 years ago

Good story with just enough “what the heck” to make you wonder

6 years ago

nice twist .. i would not want such a thing to happen to me

GamerGirl786 avatar
6 years ago

It’s so good! Write more!

6 years ago

this wasn’t really scary…

Creepypastalover42 avatar
6 years ago

wow what a good storey creepy who was the guy then and why was he was giving the man protagonist pizza

7 years ago

Man, I ship delivery boy and pizza eating man so much.

7 years ago

wow… title gave ending away but wow iam shocked and comfused ,,very well written

Crystal07 avatar
7 years ago

The plot is really good and fit to be a good creepypasta, however, there’s ONE major mistake you made the story look senseless: If the pizza company didn’t deliver any pizzas then how come they did deliver BEFORE the new delivery boy came?

Darkerheavens avatar
7 years ago

Very well written, but the title gave away the ending.

omega_heart avatar
7 years ago

O_O after reading this i realized the title gave it away…

LivnFilms avatar
7 years ago

My friends and I are in college and we would love to use this story as a short film purely for fun. We would like to give you full credit with you permission. Please email me [email protected]

7 years ago

Please email me. My friends and I would love to use this story for a short film. We are college students doing it for fun. We would like to give you full credit with your permission. [email protected]

That0neguy avatar
7 years ago

That twist was good enough to creep me out since I read this in the middle of the night in the dark…

7 years ago

Uhm, sorry, but since when do they not deliver? Since the protag ordered pizzas from that place from before the creepy pizza boy…