A Mask


Will I ever be free? Will I ever be free of this tormenting life after death? To exist as a ghost wandering around in my own despair, just longing to be put back to rest?
I remember how peaceful the long rest was. There I was, sleeping in my ancient tomb without a thought to the living. Complete solitude. I was not being a bother to anyone living.

But all of that was snatched from me, many years later. Everything I had in life, and even in death were all taken away. Gone. And I still don’t know why to this day, and I probably never will. Suddenly, the past came rushing back to me. I remembered who I was, yet still not why I was here.

I never did any ill deed in my life. I was born a human, for Christ’s sakes! Not this, this… fiend! This creature, lurking through the night and mad with anguish as I gloss over everything I have lost! This legend of campfire tales and nightmare fuel, the scary stories that small boys tell in the dark!

But all I have left is this damned mask that taunts me so. I can’t be separated from it. Everywhere I go, it trails behind me. Everywhere I turned; it would follow me like a long lost puppy.

I passed by a graveyard, Lavender Town was its name, to be exact, or at least the town name. The cemetery did not really have one that anybody knew of. There were many rumors and hoaxes surrounding it. Stories of how the dead came back from life to haunt the living. The stories of buried corpses sucking victims in, or of ghastly hands clasping around the living. The most frightening of them all being a ghost, a devil, giving its trainer immense power, just to take it away. But all I have to ask is, why?

What sick, twisted monster would torture us so?

I took out the mask, my mask…

Except it was not always a mask, it was once my face.

Hesitant, frail tears came to its eyes as I gazed upon it.

My face… was once so beautiful…

All I could do was stare at the mask, and weep silently to myself. I can never be free.

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IAmABear avatar
4 years ago

I hate how cliche this was. Lavender town being put in it? That is so overused and cliche. Also, yamask is in gen 5 forwards, not gen 1 or 3

IAmABear avatar
5 years ago

I believe this was about Pokemon; Yamask who is holding a mask of himself.

FreekyPotato avatar
5 years ago

Good story, but why tag it with “Video Games”?

FlareArrowwood avatar
5 years ago

Poor Yamask… I will never look at them the same again. 9/10.

StephenKingFan12139 avatar
6 years ago

A pokemon story! Cool! very interesting. I was confused at the beginning but I get it. Scary. I like it

6 years ago

Its not pokemon you idiots its probsbly majora’s mask

6 years ago

Pretty nice story. I give 10 stars!

Toob05 avatar
6 years ago

8.5/10, it was really good but I didn’t know what it was about until the 5th paragraph. Still love the story.

Themidnightcat avatar
6 years ago

THIS IS A POKEMAN CREEEPY PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I’m sorry it’s just that a pokeman was a human once and they have their old face on their belly, a mask. Do you not like that pokeman???
Midnight out!!!!! p.s. No p.s.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal07 avatar
6 years ago

The ‘thing’ which is narrating the story sounds so much like one of my favorite pokemons, Yamask, and moreover you even mentioned Lavender Town.