Silent Night


I was enjoying the quiet until she started screaming.

As I lay on the cool, wet ground, my eyes staring blankly into the night sky, I tried to tell my wife to be quiet. She was disturbing the peace for myself and anyone else within ear shot. No matter how I tried though, her screams still streaked through the night air and made my ears hurt. I tried to sigh, realizing that my chest wouldn’t move as I did so. I could feel my eyes starting to dry out from being open so long and the blood oozing out of the hole in my skull, the heat from the freshly fired gun in my hand. It was weird not hearing my own heartbeat. The sound used to drown out her screams so effectively that I couldn’t even hear her. I think she was screaming for me, for what I did to myself not seconds before. She was a lovely creature, my wife, always concerned for my health and always fond working in the dirt. Now, in the quiet hush of the night, I could even hear her nails ripping as she tried to tear through the earth to get to me. I wanted her stop.

When she used all her oxygen, she would be silent soon enough.

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2 years ago

this pasta was perfect

Omfi avatar
5 years ago

Poorly explained

thedemonIx avatar
5 years ago


Bunbuncaleb avatar
6 years ago

i obsolutly Love this story and the twist they she is buried i thoght she was just asd he died but she was realy buried good ending good first sentance good plot i love this story

6 years ago

I didnt really get it at first, but its really good the second time I read

That0neguy avatar
6 years ago

That last sentence made me realised what happened. Nice short story tho.

7 years ago

im confused

DasSomeGudPasta avatar
7 years ago

Das Some Alright Pasta Friend

EyelessLiv avatar
7 years ago

I do like this creepypasta purely because of the detail and mysterious matter of it in such a small pasta, it really does leave you thinking and having to read it a couple of times before realising what it actually is staying. 🙂

7 years ago

I think that the man shot himself in the head, and his wife found him and stated to scream? This is a good pasta, but it needs more information. I like the detail, though. 7/10