Lucid Dreams

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I used to love Lucid dreams but I could only seem to realise I’m dreaming when it’s a particularly scary dream, I can always fly away from the threat. That’s how I know I’m dreaming, I can then stay and control the narrative. Now I just force myself to wake up.

It started with rules. I’m not sure how I know about them, how they were made up or who by.

I cannot fly over water, if I encounter water I’ll gradually float back down to land. Also, no wandering too far outside the boundary, not sure how high up it goes but having a cosmic wander is a no-no.

Some might say I’m a bit of a kook in that I believe in things like Astral Projection, Ashakic records and the like. I was never able to put any of this into practice as my desire to do it is scupper end by my inability to concentrate for long periods of time. This kind of sucks because I would love the chance to see into some of my past lives, learn lessons, better myself. Don’t give me that look, I know it sounds like hippie crap but I was a ‘witch’ for like five minutes in high school, okay, I believe in spirituality it’s just, like with most things, I have no follow through.

Anyway, I’m sure I had some interesting past lives. I know, probably everyone thinks they were Anne Boleyn, right? I’ve no such expectations but I’ve always felt that there had been a traumatically violent event happen at some point. Not in this life, the worst thing to have happened to me is Pneumonia, six weeks in hospital, two of which under constant sedation, the delusions I had, the creatures I seen…sorry, I’m getting off topic.

The Lighthouse, so, I read somewhere that in order to try to get to this information I should imagine it as a record of my past lives in a big book in a location I felt connected to. Now, I love lighthouses so when I manage to force myself into a lucid dream I know I need to find my Lighthouse. It has to be land based because, remember, can’t fly over water.

The first few times I woke myself up trying to hard to manifest it. Once I could see it but couldn’t reach it, last few times disturbed me to my core. I know that even although it’s a lucid dream your mind can still pull you back in if you let it, back to a dream state and you’ll forget and play out whatever your unconscious wants you to.

Once, whilst flying there I encountered an unexpected large expanse of water and a man, in a suit, handsome. He warned me to stay away, do not look, he can’t let me and he was sending me ‘back to my body’. I awoke with a start after that one, I hadn’t tried to wake myself up but I sat up gasping as though violently ejected. You know how when you interact with people you know in dreams, even people you don’t, there’s a sense of knowing, of having a feeling of them because they’re you, they’re connected to you.

He wasn’t, I knew instantly he wasn’t part of me, he was completely separate.

I forgot all about it, didn’t have another lucid dream for months. I tend to only get them during times I’m especially stressed or worried and things were going good. Until I got a new boss who I don’t get along with, not really…or at all if I’m honest.

After a particularly confrontational meeting I came home, emptied a bottle of Rosé, swallowed two non-non-drowsy anti-histamines to help me sleep and went to bed, hoping to put the day behind me. It worked, I drifted into a sea of deadlines and having to deliver meetings in my underwear then one where she literally turned into Malificent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. That’s when I knew I was dreaming.

The Lighthouse towered before me with little mental effort and I approached it. There was a small wall between me and it and a fence to my left. As I walked I could make out shoes, dress shoes and the ankle of suit trousers at the gap of the fence, keeping pace with me. As I got to the small wall my companion leapt out and onto the wall. I could make out the suit and nothing else, something told me not too look in his face and I didn’t. However, periphery sense is a tricky thing and despite not staring at it, I know what it was is the scariest thing I will properly never see.

I turned and walked away, but that wasn’t good enough, if followed me, I took a running jump and flew off, it followed, they never follow. I didn’t look back, something tells me if I did it would have got me, whatever Freddy Kreuger style ‘you die in a dream’ logic that is. Whatever it was, I woke up and have no intention of trying again.

This isn’t tremendously scary, I know, nothing actually happened, just a couple of bad dreams, they’re not uncommon, especially not to Creepypasta readers, am I right? All I know is that since I’ve abandoned the Past Life stuff I haven’t seen him again, in either form. I can’t explain if it was two vivid dreams related by an unknown person my mind made up or saw on television. Was he warning me to protect me from something I might find out or is there something he doesn’t want me to know.

One thing’s for sure, if I ever see him again, I will tell you guys. No idea what he looks like, I’ve totally forgotten but the feeling he gave I still remember three years later.

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5 years ago

My bad but whenever I see this oasta I just remember Juice WRLD’s song Lucid Dreams.

Selkie avatar
6 years ago

I lucid dream all the time, so I naturally enjoyed this story. Crossing water, I just turn myself into an owl and take off. Try that. Pick a bird.

Tony672 avatar
7 years ago

I don’t get it but good story

Ambie-San avatar
7 years ago

I didn’t really notice any actual grammar mistakes; the speaker was talking very informally, yes, but nothing actually wrong with the grammar.

dark_terror avatar
8 years ago

Not a bad story, very original and subtle in it’s creepiness.

Th3Fall3nAng3l5 avatar
8 years ago

If your grammar and spelling was better, the story would actually be good.

8 years ago

Interesting and imaginative. Just a shame about the typos and the occasional loss on the grasp of English grammar.

8 years ago

Very nice, although I couldn’t very well understand some of the grammar mistakes, but over all it was pretty well written.

Black13 avatar
Mike T
8 years ago

I’m sorry, but the grammar, spelling, and context were so bad that I was barely able to follow the story.

8 years ago

Interesting…yet chilling. Good job!