The Classroom


On every college campus there is a hallway. Nondescript, tucked away, often on the top floor of a building or off of another hall where only a few classrooms have been placed. It melts into the background of every student’s life; drowned out by the music department or wedged between two lecture halls. Occasionally, a lost freshman will wander down it, running late for their first class. Should such a lost soul wander through that hall, all they will find is a single, empty classroom. This room has never held a class, not a scheduled one anyway.

The sign outside its door will always say the number of the class you are searching for and many a relieved student has collapsed into one of the desks, believing they have reached their class on time. When the classroom continues to remain empty, most will scramble back into the hall before the class period has started. They will leave with only a rush of adrenaline that they will later explain away as a result of being late for class. They will then continue their search for the correct classroom. Should they try and access this hall again, it will be gone. But that is for the best.

Those wait until the class period has begun before realizing they are in the wrong room, will hear a bell. It will be the high-pitched ringing commonly associated with the start of classes, except colleges do not bother with such bells.

But that’s because it isn’t a school bell.

It’s a dinner bell.

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4 years ago

It’s a cookbook!

DrJagged avatar
4 years ago

I usually don’t like short pastas but this one was very delicious.

4 years ago

To serve man… It’s a cookbook!

ViolentViolet666 avatar
5 years ago

Not enough detail about how you are eaten. Too vague, could be creepy

CommanderMeouch avatar
5 years ago

This was awesome. I actually got chills with the last sentence. Short and sweet, well written, and creepy. Good job!

6 years ago

i love short pastas
this was really good
i was kind of hoping for a different ending like the bell rings and you end up in the upside down or some shh..
but the uniqueness of this story is great.

thumbs up!!

Firegod88 avatar
6 years ago

The dinner part was a bit weird, but other than that it’s surprisingly creepy

FlowerOfDarkness avatar
6 years ago

So some kind of monster or something eats them? Cool.

EPICsparklez59 avatar
7 years ago

Great spookynoodles. 5/5
(つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ

JustAvoid avatar
7 years ago

Good but could be a bit better, it was re funny than scary.