Absurdity is truth

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I could see its glow in the distant. The incandescent lights creating a luring haze. It was so far away, too far in fact. I missed it a lot. The concrete beneath my feet. The harsh air, the noise, the traffic. Most of all the people, the endless throb of people. Out here it’s only a sky, sky that’s way too big and empty. It makes you feel too small. A city may be big; you may feel meaningless but at least your part of something bigger. Out here you realise that there isn’t anything bigger. Just you. Everything begins and ends with you. That’s the scary thing. In the city we see connections everywhere. Then from a distance all you see is absurdity and chance. You see the truth. That’s what’s so horrible about being out here, truth.

The city lights hide the stars just as much as they hide the truth I suppose. Out here there’s no room for ritual or routine. No distractions from the endless stream of news and pictures and communication. No contact, just alone. Nothing solid to stand on. No new product to lust after or some drug to numb yourself with. Just thought. I suppose from thought we get truth. In truth we see our own passivity to life, which is pretty depressing. So we long for the city again to distract ourselves and live in whatsoever fashion we please. Valuing the cohesion of everydayness. I live indifferent like everyone else does. Only sometimes feeling a slight recoil as I wake up, I lull myself with nostalgia, rejecting any quiver, feeling blissful in my ignorance.

The reason I left is just part of the absurdity of life. I left the stage to go sit in the audience. The show goes on. I am now just abstract. Like those outer body experiences people describe. I seemingly float above the city. A mere observer. I’m more than that though I realise. I know how the show ends. Hence why I sit so far. I’ve come to see the logic come to its bitter conclusion. Perhaps I thought I’d find god. I found something much worse though, I found myself. A self at its most obscene, masterless and without tragedy.

A small metallic whizz drones over head, lured like a moth, to the cities bright haze. My eyes are drawn too. A seemingly helpless black form drops out of the black vastness. It falls and I’m aware of the steady beat of my heart. The plunge of the black object goes into the mass of buildings and is lost. A sound so strange like all the air is being sucked into the city. It resonates around me and I feel its power as a bright flower like all god angles have ridden from heaven engulfs all, non-judging. A splendid show that billows up and into itself. Now the flower blooms reds and oranges with a symphony, like the rings of Saturn brought to earth. I think not, I am burnt and crucified, but not forsaken. The warming glow rushes towards me, sweeping away the cold landscape with its heat. Open armed I stand ready to embrace my fate. Then I am aware of the steady beat of my heart. Thought returns. The logic seems at fault. It is too late.

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Simon Mccann
Simon Mccann
3 years ago

absurdity of truth it’s in the title CERHISTTTTT

Simon Mccann
Simon Mccann
3 years ago

Some of these people commenting think it’s about a baby whos a bomb rather than a SEEMINGLY helpless form(like a baby) think I got more contempt for their scathing bullshit as for You I rather liked it predictability getting the fuck outta dodge but still dying in a horrific nuclear punch in the bollocks …shit I get it that shit’s probably gonna happen to me

5 years ago

This part was the part that got me. Kinda true. [spoiler]Everything begins and ends with you.[/spoiler]

Andrew Hayes
Andrew Hayes
6 years ago

[It’s a bug looking at a bug zapper.]

It’s actually very well thought out once you look at it from the speakers point of view. Very creative!!

HellIsEmptyAndAllTheDemonsAreHere avatar
Vae Vobis
6 years ago

Sometimes, as in this case, absurdity is simply absurd.

Forgetmenot_ForgottenRegardless11003 avatar

a neat story.

6 years ago

This wasn’t creepy at all. I’m just really confused.

6 years ago

I was personally wondering why you were “outside the crowd” and what separated you from the “endless social media and pictures”. Then you just dropped a bomb on us like that. Rude.

suomynona404 avatar
6 years ago

I like the philosophy in your writing, but I didn’t feel it was very scary. I feel the story should be expanded or rewritten in a more terrifying fashion.

Omfi avatar
6 years ago

This story is so lame I am bored to death, never read this story EVER!

7 years ago

This was very confusing. Was there even a plot?
You’re fairly good a philosophical writing, but I don’t think creepypasta is for you. I think you’d be a lot better at a genre that’s supposed to be slow and philosophical, and maybe a bit longer, so there’s room for more plot with the musings.

7 years ago

I was slightly bored, but intrigued by the irony and how that played into it all. And I am in love with the way worded everything.

duruzu avatar
7 years ago

I like your use of language and there is beautiful imagery at times, but I wasn’t intrigued at all.
There was nothing creepy or weird about this pasta, but it is well written 2/5

TheCreepLord avatar
7 years ago

Terrible story if you can call it a story but what I really want to know ……WHO WAS PHONE?

Ugavemethecreeps avatar
7 years ago

Seems like two different stories to me.

Avidwriter8490 avatar
7 years ago

This is an interesting piece.

HeyItsMeh. avatar
7 years ago

That was just, confusing. I wish the ending explained more so then the pasta would just explode right in your face with realization.

mctammany13 avatar
7 years ago

After a while It was difficult to comprehend what was happening about half way through. Maybe if it was longer and more spread out it would make more sense. 4/10, but keep writing. Potential!!

7 years ago

Even though the vocabulary is superb, i got kind of bored mid way through. I didn’t really know what i was reading until I read a second time. maybe ease up on the sizeable vocabulary so I don’t feel like i’m reading something my english teacher gave me. I feel like the potential here is great but not everyone on this sight is as bright as you if you know what i mean. work on engagement please!!!

Raevyn avatar
7 years ago

I mean give not goive.