Elf on a Shelf

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It’s Christmas time, and my mom wanted to start a new tradition. Of course she had to make it “Elf on a Shelf”. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea, but she knew that I wouldn’t go for just a hidden elf. So my mom made it a murdering elf. Why the fuck not, right? It’s already creepy enough looking already. But that’s not it. She put post-it notes on the elf and they were clues to find the “victims” of the elf. She knew I was horrible at finding things, so this was for her amusement. I was completely against it. I hated the idea, but she insisted that I do it. Well, insisting turned into forcing. I’m happy now though… This elf is my best friend. You probably think I’m crazy right now, right? Just… just hear me out. I… I am holding my mother’s heart, and her lifeless body lying at my feet. I was ecstatic. No more mother, and someone, or someTHING that felt the same about her. I hope we have the same takes on people; There are a lot of people I don’t like at school.

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ShadowWalker7 avatar
3 years ago

Felt more like comedy was the goal, which is not a bad thing. However, it does warrant either more comedic value, or less depending on which way you are attempting to spin the story.

6 years ago

I dont mean to be offensive by saying this because you might be a new writer and i dont want to crush your hopes but i felt this pasta wasnt creepy. I feel like we the readers should have gotten more involved in the story. You had a great start but the ending was super corny. I think that might have ruined the whole thing for me but good job and better luck with you next pasta.

TheMysticDagger avatar
6 years ago

All i want to say is that i HATE elf on a shelf’s. there just so creepy, my mom bought one once and it disappeared and we ended up finding it underneath my little brothers crib. it sends shivers down my spine thinking about it….

MemeGodessGaming avatar
6 years ago

so kewl

Omfi avatar
6 years ago

Gee kid cool down

outcast97 avatar
6 years ago

“do you not like my elf? why that’s no trouble. I could care less” the man said lifting the elf off the table”the only problem is the elf doesn’t like you ether. why is this a problem? well… lets just say he get carried away in his pranks and punishments. and im sorry it had to be this way.”

satanic.unicorn5003 avatar

yayyy murderous children… just yay

Who_needs_sleep avatar
7 years ago

My mom made her elf on the shelf evil by saying that if I opened my presents early it would kill me…. Yea we have weird traditions. Anyone heard of the christmas pickle?

ashley_the_killer avatar
7 years ago

Despite all the negative comments I think it’s good concidering it supposed to be a short story I think u could just go a little more detailed on [spoiler]how the mom died[/spoiler] or on the actual elf

TheMadGamer avatar
8 years ago

This is creepy knowing that I have an elf plushy.

Britnaynayisamazing avatar

its nice with the whole elf on the shelf thing but it could use a few more details

8 years ago


YourWorstNightmare avatar
8 years ago


thatcreepytrainer avatar
8 years ago

the creepy spider thought this pasta was bland and tasteless

NoFace avatar
8 years ago

This pasta had potential, but the ending was horrendous…

VanessaLavander (PurpleMan'sdaughter)
VanessaLavander (PurpleMan'sdaughter)
8 years ago

Of course! Why not make a Pasta based off the Christmas doll that scares the crap out of everyone?! And I think there was something wrong with the mom. A MURDERING elf? That is just creepy and wrong! The main purpose of Elf on the Shelf is to basically scare kids into being good. So it’s kind of ironic that the mom makes the elf a psycho killer. Just, oh my lanta!

8 years ago

Grow up, kid, being told to clean your room is not a good reason to write murder fantasies about your mom.

Alex Williams
Alex Williams
8 years ago

That is pretty screwed up!

Janet Herrera
Janet Herrera
8 years ago

to much going on, shelf the elf

Mim avatar
8 years ago

I laughed so much until i got to that ending. Really???
Mine are COMPLETE and pretty damn good, but they are waiting for approval or denial.
This was a shame, i was expecting a little more depth