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My husband and I loved each other very much, but just as most couples we would get into arguments. Out biggest argument always revolved around a single disagreement: children.

I wanted children, he did not.

As the years passed I had hoped he would eventually come around and warm up to the idea of having children, but he remained stubborn and wouldn’t change his mind. I reminded him that if we waited too much longer we’d never be able to conceive a child of our own, but he didn’t seem to care. I even suggested adoption and fostering children but he wouldn’t hear it. “You’re not fit to be a mother!”

His cruel words burned into my memory. I loved him. Why would he say such a thing?

I wanted to carry a baby. I wanted to have a life inside of me, a little piece of him inside of me. I love my husband but he doesn’t have the right to keep me from doing this. No one can stop me.

I threw our my birth control pills and I sabotaged his condoms as I prepared to seduce my husband into a frenzy and lovemaking and passion. My husband, who knew I was desperate for the chance to have a life inside of me, discovered my plan and rejected my advances.

My own husband said I was crazy, that I was becoming obsessed and losing my mind. I loved him so much, how could he say such a horrid thing to me? I’m his loving wife.

That night I cried. I never cried so hard in all of my life. He didn’t have the right to do this! I would have the life I so craved.

It took me a week but I had my next plan ready. This plan was foolproof, there would be nothing he could do about it. This time he wouldn’t stop me. After he returned home from work I offered him a beer after slipping a dose of crushed sleeping pills into the drink. He of course didn’t taste any of the medicine as he greedily downed the offered beer. Within twenty minutes he was in a deep sleep, practically unconscious.

I dragged my husband into our bedroom and onto the bed. I stripped off his clothes and began kissing his body all over. “You can’t take this from me.” I whispered into his ear as he remained blissfully unaware of what was about to happen to him.

Hours passed as I had my way with his body. He didn’t awaken from his drug-induced slumber. Not once did he feel my warm lips pressing constantly against his cool skin, enjoying every sensation I felt as I carefully finished my task.

The bed sheets were soaked from my night activity. But the fluid wasn’t sweat, it was blood. My husband’s blood.

I sat on the floor of the bedroom, my back leaning against the foot of our family bed. I ran my hands lovingly over my tight stomach, thrilled about the life I was now carrying. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the life inside of me for the full nine months like most women, but the few days I had with it would be the best of my life.

It’s no easy feat to devour an entire human being in a single night. But it was worth it.

I finally have a piece of my husband inside of me.

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3 years ago

It’s like a mantis eating her husband.

5 years ago

Good story. Sharp, quick writing with a creative ending that no one saw coming.

5 years ago

Not too creepy, But the way the girl forged a kid inside her is messed up, If the guy did not want want kids break up lmao

1 month ago

u should read again…. she didn’t get pregnant her intentions were different

CreepyCorpsePasta avatar
5 years ago

I just…wow. I’m reading different creepypasta stories so I can write my own, and I just love this one, short…not so sweet though

IAmABear avatar
5 years ago

I did not like this at all. It was so sad

5 years ago


Selkie avatar
5 years ago

There are some ticking, baby coveting, balmy weirdos out there, but I agree that the final twist was off.
Having a really original baby out of the process would have been better.

Save State
Save State
5 years ago

What… I don’t know what to say… for the first time, a story made me speechless. So this story was about a woman who wanted a baby, his husband was like “No, you’re an unfit mother” so instead of leaving him which would take like a second, she goes through weeks of planning to get herself pregnant and then rapes him. And the ending… why is it there, there was no point to it and it was one of the most dumbest plot twist I’ve read, it felt it was just there to give the readers a quick shock and to say, “HEY, BLUD IZ SCAREY GUIZ OMFG TEH SPOOKS!” Overall, it was a stupid story with a dumb plot twist that didn’t need to be there. This gets a 0/10. Bland and unnecessary.

Lazura avatar
5 years ago

Holy shit.

5 years ago

This story is great, not scary, but is creepy(hence the name Creepypasta), and worth the read. Love that twist ending. 10/10 to be honest

5 years ago

Wow, this creepypasta is actually great, not a lot of cliches in here, like most creepypastas would. 10/10 to be honest

AmberR.Lycan avatar
5 years ago

That was so crazy!! I loved it the twist at the end was awesome. Great job!!!

deedee avatar
5 years ago

The story should have been a little loner that way the end would’ve had more impact. It was creepy, however.

Laughing_Shadow avatar
5 years ago

I think I would have rather read about her rapping her husband then BAM! Cannibal!

Gingerblackcat avatar
5 years ago

That was creepy!

She got piece of her hubby inside her alright. You gave a whole you meaning to that phrase. She is like a spider widow creature. I can understand why the man was hesitant. XD.

I will give it 7/10

Porsche_eeee avatar
5 years ago

HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!! MIND BLOWN!!!!! 😉

5 years ago

Maybe I should try that….

Hayli Anderson
Hayli Anderson
5 years ago


SantiagoSenaGuerra avatar
5 years ago

I did not expect the twist, however, several grammatical errors distracted my attention, and I wasn’t able to fully enjoy this tale. You have potential, just work on your storytelling a little bit, and you’ll have plenty of perfect ratings!

5 years ago

Good story! I like how it starts out as a story that could easily happen in the real world and gets slightly creepier as it progresses. To be honest, I was not expecting this to be that “creepy” and I (stupidly) thought nothing that unpredictable would happen. Obviously, it did. Like many stories, the true creep factor was revealed in the final few paragraphs. It reveals that they are both insane!