My Favorite Doll


When I was a kid, I was a huge sucker for Barbie dolls. Really. I didn’t care for them like other girls did; giving them baths and cleaning them up and going to sleep with them, but I did like playing with them. I was usually playing around with the outfits, having them talk to each other, stuff like that.

I possessed fifteen dolls – ten girls, two males, and three little kid Barbies, who were girls, too. I even named the dolls after my family members, but among the fifteen, the doll named Samantha (who was named after me) was my favorite, merely because she had the fairest skin and the longest, blondest hair, none of which I had. I admit, that was pretty shallow (and bordering on sexist) of me.

Apparently, I had a lot of fun with these dolls. I don’t remember much, but I recalled having them play out scenarios that I wanted to happen to me, like me getting noticed by my crush, or my brother finally getting caught eating all the cookies. It might sound lame now, but hey, I was a kid. Anyway, my mom would always tell me, “You’re always inside your room playing with those things. You should get out there and make friends, honey.”

But I would ignore her. I would stay in my room, in my own little world, playing with my little plastic Mattel friends.

It was heaven.

Until the day I fell down the stairs. My head suffered some long term memory loss when it hit the floor, so I couldn’t remember most of my childhood after that. Including, yes, the dolls. I remember having them, and playing with them, but apart from what my mother recounted for me, it was all a big blur. My mom told me that I continued to play with my Barbie dolls, but it wasn’t quite the same.

Eventually, I grew up.

When I reached about ten years, these dolls were left in a box in the attic to gather dust. I wasn’t too upset about it, either. At that time I had already moved on to reading Harry Potter books.

One day, though, things were different. I had just finished high school, and I was packing up my things to head off for college. I needed to get some boxes from the attic, so I headed up the small, spiral staircase and proceeded into the room.

Going through the boxes, I found myself smiling reminiscently as I spotted some old stuff. Books, old toys, photo albums, and the like. I ended up staying there more than I had intended to. As I reached the last few boxes, I encountered the dolls. I opened up the box, only to be horrified by what I saw.

For what I found, instead of my old friends, was a pile of plastic, naked bodies, with no heads and arms. It wasn’t – it isn’t that scary if you think about it, but it had surprised me completely, since the last time I saw these dolls, which was when I put them in that box, they were all in perfect and sellable condition. And seeing them like that, just tore a small hole in my heart. They had been dear to me somehow, after all.

I headed down the stairs, the box in my arms, and showed the dolls to my mom.
“Did you let Stephen borrow these after we put them away?” I asked. My brother had just turned ten this year, but I figured that he might’ve gotten his hands on my dolls years ago, and maybe thought they were chew toys or something. But then my mom frowned and looked through the box. “No, I knew how much these dolls meant to you; I wouldn’t do that.”

I shook my head. “But he must’ve gotten his hands on them, look, they’re all messed up,” I countered. My eyes were beginning to sting just looking at the bare bodies. But I cleared my throat and tried to pull myself together. They were just toys, after all.

“But anyway. That’s done now, nothing I can do. I’ll put this back upstairs,” I decided, grabbing the box once again and heading back to the attic.

Part of me was still upset that Stephen might have gotten ahold of my things, but I managed to get over it when I reached the spiral stairs. Halfway there, though, some force – probably my clumsiness – tripped me over and I fell down almost five steps. I landed on my rear on the wooden floor and I winced in pain as the dolls poured out of the box and onto my torso.

I sighed as I got up. “I’m alright,” I yelled back downstairs. “If you were asking.” Getting the toys off of me, I stood and took a moment to check myself up. Luckily, I didn’t suffer any injuries.

I got down on my knees and picked up the dolls – or at least what used to be dolls – to put them all back in the box, until I noticed something odd. The dolls were naked and were missing some limbs, all except one doll – Samantha.

She was in perfect condition, as she had always been, and was even wearing the outfit that I had always made her wear – a pink, silk gown, filled with glitters at the bottom part. She wore black stilettos and was carrying a black carry-on bag, like she was going to a red carpet event, and she was smiling at me. I almost smiled back. That is, until I saw that her smile was different.

Her grin was wide, almost abnormally wide, and somewhat sinister. I felt chills in my spine.

I headed back downstairs to tell my mom about it. She was still fixing some of my stuff for college, and I approached her, reluctantly.


She barely looked up, but she gestured that I go on.

“Can I ask you something?”

She smiled. “Well, you already have, honey.”

I rolled my eyes. This was not the time to receive sassy talk from my mom. “Let me ask you another, then. How did I get on with those dolls?”

She stopped what she was doing and looked at me, a slight frown in her eyebrows. “What, honey?”

“How- I mean, how did I really play with them?” I asked more clearly.

Her frown deepened. “You mean, before the…”

I nodded, referring to my childhood accident.

“Mm, it was adorable how you played with them, really,” she began, taking a breath. I listened intently as she told me about my having them all interact with each other, like a role play of sorts. The scenarios I wanted to happen in real life.

It sounded nothing serious, but for some reason I couldn’t get this uneasiness away.

“Okay, then.” I gulped. “And after the accident?”

“Well. We let you stop playing with them because it was starting to scare your sister Chrissie. You started having them fight with each other – physically – and having them take off each other’s body parts. You would take off their clothes, set them on fire, and you would take off their arms and throw them around in your room. And you would remove their heads and stomp on them with your foot while you laughed; you were enjoying it, Sam.”

She stopped. And I was glad she did. “There was this one Barbie you left clean, though. The one in the pink dress,” she said, going back to fixing my things. The uneasiness worsened – I knew that I had Samantha play me in all my scenarios.


“Yes, yes, Samantha,” she said with a nod. “You would leave her clean. And then after that you would whisper things to her, and it was just plain creepy.”

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2 years ago

Love it kinda short thou

Scary lady
Scary lady
3 years ago

I Love this creepypasta it reminds me of when me and my sister would play barbies and make our own horror movies with barbies such as pretending the Barbie dolls where witches and have them preform strange rituals on the other dolls

CommanderMeouch avatar
5 years ago

Ok maybe I’m an idiot but I don’t get it. She beat up Barbies, but not the one that was supposed to be her?

6 years ago

Thanks for this. I just listened to it read by “Creepy Ghost Stories” on youtube. I came here to see if this was just a story or a genuine account. Judging from the past post on twitter, I guess it’s based in fact. I was curious because I too suffered permanent memory loss (among other damage) when I hit by a car I was a kid. This was back in the 60’s, and I was only nine, so my loss was basically undiagnosed but quite real. I only wish I had acted out with dolls, though. Instead, I kept blacking out and trying to kill the strangers who said they were my siblings. I didn’t succeed, thank goodness…. yet. 🙂 Anyway, all the best. You aren’t alone.

amaranth49 avatar
6 years ago

@ Sammi8089: SERIOUSLY?!?! :O

7 years ago

I didn’t really like this one although it could be because I didn’t really like barbies like others did

amaranth49 avatar
7 years ago


I remember having a drawer full of Barbies and their stuff when I was little, but my mom gave them to my cousins in Mexico without asking me when I was like 7 or 8, but I hardly recall how I played with them. I still have two, but they’re collectables, so they just sit in their boxes in the corner, gathering dust (and I forget they’re there half the time), and I get the “ominously creepy” feeling when I look at that corner at night.

Anathema__ avatar
7 years ago

Not as generic, very interesting though. Keep writing!! More edge~

KaitlentheMythical avatar
7 years ago

It was really good!

DontTellThemImDead avatar
7 years ago

If the mother knew she would take the dolls apart during “playtime” why did she act like she had no idea why the dolls were naked and limbless when OP first asked about them? I dont think this was worth the high rating, but ppl do have doll phobias so I guess that’s that.

Thewords avatar
7 years ago

I have chills up my spine incredible and relatable

LiliththeDollmaker avatar
7 years ago

it was a great and realistic story, but I didn’t get that creepy ‘something is coming to eat my soul’ feeling in the end

killercrab avatar
7 years ago

i loved it i didnt see the ending coming

Creepa99 avatar
8 years ago

Pretty creepy my sister plays with Barbies all the time.-5 stars

loumari avatar
8 years ago

That was a good pasta and its creepy causes I used to have Barbie

Sammi8089 avatar
8 years ago

My name is Samantha also and I tore the heads off of my sisters barbies in my sleep it was weird but I remember loving it because in my dreams they killed me so when I acted out I yelled it’s my turn to kill you now, once I lit one on fire and threw it into the huge tub of scary ass dolls. I don’t know why but after the dolls melted I arranged them in a 666 formation! I am a REAL FREAK!!!

Mangle avatar
8 years ago

Best creepy pasta I read so far because it was realistic and creepy at the same time.

Creepykittycat avatar
8 years ago

so creepy

IAmBread avatar
8 years ago

Not very creepy in my mind, another ending would’ve done it, but anyway 9/10 breads.

8 years ago

Twist Ending I like it.