Put Yourself in my Place


Monsters have just invaded and taken my house. I am hiding in the woods around it just trying to find a way to get them out and take it back. I’m afraid of them. I won’t let them do this though. This is my house and no monster can keep it from me.

Now I’m mad. They deserve to be scared like I was. To be as terrified as I was when I was walking back to my house from a nice walk around the area and I saw them entering. They have to pay. I will be the one who makes them pay.

I see that they have turned some of the lights on and are watching TV. I find an open window and manage to get through quietly. I’m in the kitchen. I hear one of them coming so I hide next to the door. The door opens and I see them walk into the kitchen. It seems to be a female, though I can’t be completely sure. One thing I am sure of is that it is completely oblivious to me.

While I’m walking behind it I grab a knife and a rag. It goes over to the window and puts its hands on my counter looking out. That filthy monster just put its hands on my counter! I’m in a rage over this, but I keep my cool.

I slowly walk up behind it being as quiet as possible and it doesn’t seem to hear me. Quickly I cover its mouth with a rag and stab it through the back as it lets out a scream that is completely muffled by the rag. It tries to fight back throwing its claws back towards me and also at my hand covering its mouth, but it is helpless and slowly slumps to the floor.

Put yourself in my place.

Looking down at that monstrosity of a body lying on my kitchen floor. I would feel remorse, but these same monsters took the life of my daughter a few years ago. She had just left and got her own house when they came in from nowhere. She tried to talk to them, but they just killed her on sight. No I will not pity them, nor will I give them the opportunity to do to me what they did to her.

I walk into my living room where the bigger male seems to be watching my TV. I slowly, noiselessly approach it from behind. Suddenly the screen goes black and it sees me in the reflection. It jumps up and darts into the hallway. It takes me only a second to realize it has went for my shotgun. I quickly move to the wall at the end of the hallway. Waiting for it to come to that corner. I will NOT let it get the best of me.

Put yourself in my place!

Slowly hearing the footsteps of that thing coming closer. Drenching yourself in sweat from the anticipation. Hearing the cocking of the shotgun. The footsteps that are nearly at you. Then slowly seeing the tip of the shotgun ever so slowly passing the corner


Quickly I turn around the corner, knocking the shotgun onto the floor. In surprise it doesn’t move which is all I need. I throw it to the floor and jump on top of it plunging my knife into the center of its chest. I pull it back out and stab again. This is for my daughter you monster!

I must have stabbed it at least fifty times before I slowly came to my senses. Now the entire house is quiet. I slowly get up. I kick the dead bodies a few more times then pack them into bags and bury them deep in the ground. I clean all the blood to make my house look nice.

Yes, put yourself in my place now that I killed those filthy humans. Put yourself in my place as I go outside and take down the for sale sign for the fifth time this month.

Editor’s note:
The story seems to be better if you read through it a second time.

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BlackCat27 avatar
5 years ago

The story was interesting and the ending was very well written, but what happened to his daughter? That was never explained and left me confused. Other than that, well written.

JF13 avatar
6 years ago

Alright story.Editors note wasn’t necessary imo but it was ok

6 years ago

[I think the protagonist is actually a very intelligent creature that has a grasp on human ways but it also would’ve been fun to read the story about his daughter]
Really good story. 10/10.

Ninjaskitzo avatar
6 years ago

It was good, i think the protagonist is a deranged man who’s house is being taken by the government aka the bank in this case, but who knows? Very good story, 10/10.

stitches15 avatar
6 years ago

A little confusing, it’s good, but I would have liked to have some clue of who and what the main character was.

6 years ago

Wow. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting the twist at the end.

6 years ago

Coool Dec 29th is my bday kinda cool too see one written on it

7 years ago

I actually think that the protagonist is a monster outside. The ‘counter’ is the windowsill, his house is the forest being cut for wood, and this is a log cabin in the woods. That’d personally what I think on this.

7 years ago

A little confusing. ..seems like a ghost (a vengeful one who doesn’t know he’s dead) …I read it twice though lol….still a bit confused though

CarmillaKarnstein avatar
7 years ago

I’m a bit confused, but I like this! Its well done!

Who_needs_sleep avatar
7 years ago

I wasnt exactly scared of it, but wow that was a great twist!

8 years ago

I like it. 5/5.

Mistress-Of-Darkness avatar
8 years ago

A bit confusing, but it was a good idea.

vishussvixen avatar
8 years ago

i like this story concept, but the mechanics of the revenge plot are a little confusing, as someone else before stated the perceived creature/ghost/animal/crazy person. maybe it doesn’t need to be refined, but the imagination could use a little focusing.

_mexiicutioner_ avatar
8 years ago

People would keep trying to sell the house because i guess they thought the house was vacant. Those who bought the house would meet the same demise as the others…

8 years ago

its really confusing what is this creature?????????????