Return to Earth


I think this might be the end. For us anyway. Man and all that we’ve accomplished. I’ve had plenty time to think about it since the last time I saw the sun. The last time I’d ever see it. It’s not the end of the world but it is for us.

I guess it started almost a month ago, although it could be longer, there’s only the clocks scattered around the house to tell me how long and half of those are dead now. Anyway I’m straying from the point. It was on the news, a cruise ship sank for no reason. It wasn’t damaged, just pulled straight down. Then the rest of the stories flooded in. Everything in the water was sinking. Oil Rigs disappeared. People on the beach pulled down into the abyss. Nobody seemed able to explain why this was happening. Nothing floated anymore. It was bizarre. This filled the news for a couple days until it just got frightening.

It was during one broadcast that it changed for the worse. It was a report from some beach, an on-location report about this strange phenomenon. They were just recycling the same questions we had all been asking for days. Suddenly panic seemed to grip the face of the reporter, she screamed as the camera quickly tilted down. Her feet were sunk into the sand down to her shin. I remember smirking thinking it was just some overly-sensitive reporter messing up, but then the camera dropped. The remaining 10 or so seconds that followed showed not just the reporter sinking into the sand but all of them. The whole media circus that had descended on the beach to cover the same story. The reporter who was down to her shin a minute ago was now down to her chest. The shot of writhing, screaming, sinking people ended shortly as the camera was engulfed by the sand.

The news stayed on a few more days but there was nothing to say. Some blamed sink-holes for what happened on the beach, while others argued against them from the safety of their downtown studio. The news was a waste of time now. It was much easier to look out the window. It was more or less a ghost town outside. Everyone was inside, afraid to leave their homes. It didn’t seem to make sense. The roads and pavements were being absorbed by grass and dirt. Street signs and traffic lights were being consumed by the plants. Houses too.

Some people tried to run, jumping from roof-top to roof-top, looking for higher ground. Occasionally while flicking through what was left of the TV broadcasts, skyscrapers had become refugee camps. I had made one trip out of the house since this started, across the roof-tops. An attempt to get supplies from a nearby supermarket but that planned seemed to be a waste of time. It was a husk by the time I got there. Looted and pillaged. There was all the evidence I needed to see how bad this whole thing was. It’s easy to be in denial about something like, whatever this was, until it really seems to effect you. When I got back to my house. I noticed something. My car was gone. Well almost, you could still see the top poking out from the overgrowth and loose soil. And not just my car, all of them. Bigger vehicles were still in sight, only partially obscured but they were going down too.

A few days later, my whole bottom floor was subterranean. I had managed to block the windows and door from bursting in from all the dirt and soil, but it was just a cell now. A mausoleum. Not somewhere I wanted to be. I spent most of my time by an upstairs window, staring at the hostile world outside.

My neighbor died yesterday. He fell off his roof and was swallowed by the earth. He’s not the first person to do that either. What made it notable was why he fell. He was trying to stop his dog from getting out. The dog’s fine. Well I assume so. It ran off. They’re not effected. The animals. This is our fate. That nihilistic little discovery was too much for me to bare. This whole thing. A living fuckin’ nightmare. I hit the bottle hard and passed out for the night.

When I woke up my head pounded in the darkness. I flicked the light switches and the fuses but the power was out. I took the flashlight by the fuse box and looked around the house for any supplies. While checking the upstairs I saw it. The last glimpse of natural light I’ll ever see. I had been thinking it was just night, that I had slept all day in an alcohol coma. By the time I could cross the room to the window it was gone. I was underground. I tried to get out. Smashing through plaster and tiles to be greeted with a stream of soil pouring out from where the sky should be.

I don’t know how much longer I’ve got in here. In my house-sized coffin. There’s only so much food and so much air. I’ve got a little bit of light, a couple candles and a book of matches. The flashlight died sometime ago. But this is our fate. Man’s fate. Our return to the earth.

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CreepyCorpsePasta avatar
5 years ago

when I got to the part about the house sized coffin, and how there was little air left, I felt it. I imagined suffocating in that house! this story would get five stars from me.

5 years ago

I absolutely adore this creepypasta. It’s so creative with how it’s about returning to earth; returning to what we had ruined and finally letting nature run its own course with animals having a chance to lIive free without the fear of becoming extinct.

FreekyPotato avatar
5 years ago

Earth just decided that mankind was hurting it too much, that it needed a fresh start.
I love it!

checkyourcloset999 avatar
5 years ago

revenge on humanity. N0ice

6 years ago

That was great. Great concept and discrption.

6 years ago

This story is one of the very few that has actually given me the creeps! Humanity being buried alive, yikes! Well done!

6 years ago

very nice … I always thought we should give the earth back to the animals — God knows we don’t know how to take care of it.

Eminems avatar
6 years ago

I don’t know why this person had their author as “unknown” i would love to know the real author and congratulate on this beautiful, sad, and slightly scary piece of writing. This is one of the most meaningful creepypastas i’ve read. Well done! 🙂

LittleJack avatar
7 years ago

The Earth is taking back all the Evil it has released. Wonderful story!

7 years ago

This is crazy, I’ve never thought about the human race ending in such a way!! I gotta say this was pretty awesome!

ashley_the_killer avatar
7 years ago

I really did enjoy this creepypasta it was well written and I loved the idea of the earth taking revenge. I also like how in the pasta the earth left the animals alone.

N.A. avatar
7 years ago

The issue I have with this story is simple; If humans were absorbed by the earth but not inside their homes, could they not still walk on the road? Couldn’t they drive still? What are the limits of the earth’s powers then?

SimpleWilson avatar
8 years ago

This is one of the best pastas I’ve heard. I would die for my dog, too. God knows my ignorant parent’s wouldn’t survive long, so my dog would be my only company. If she ran away, I would just jump off myself.

8 years ago

I am completely in love with this pasta! It really gets you thinking!

8 years ago

Some times i really wonder if the earth i gonna end up like this real soon, i really do see it. But other wise it is a great story.

Goawayplease avatar
8 years ago

I loved this. How we came from the Earth and now we’re being taken back. Us and all of our vices. I enjoyed how you said animals weren’t affected. We destroyed this planet, but animals did not. It’s creepy and beautiful at the same time. Don’t stop writing.

8 years ago

Wonderfully written and well done. The idea that the earth was targetting just humans and what we made might have been illuded to a little earlier, but, other than that, fantastic!

psychosoprano avatar
8 years ago

LOVE the concept. One of the most terrifying things was that it wasn’t affecting the animals. Good job.

9 years ago

I’ve read this before, but under the name ‘The End of Man’. Great pasta.

9 years ago

Amazing concept, and massive amount of description in the ending. I could see it as a pretty good horror movie…