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The Cabal

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The Cabal

“Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad”

Prometheus, The Masque of Pandora

In the upper echelons of society there exists an ever growing group of individuals with entirely too much time on their hands. The members hark from around the world, but share similar traits. Often from lives of exceptional wealth, they are apathetic individuals, detached from day to day life and merely looking for the next distraction. In this club they find that something they have been seeking to fill the void. The club allows its members anonymity and encourages pseudonyms taken from ancient gods.

Now the name of the game is Despair. The members compete against each other, and a recognised hierarchy exists for individuals that have proven proficient in the past. A random person from across the world will be elected and presented to the player, who will then proceed to tear apart the person’s life in the most entertaining fashion. The resources of the cabal extend far and wide, and with the significant money at their disposal there are few doors that cannot be unlocked. The game is scored based on the speed with which the player can get the target to dispatch themselves.

It’s not clear exactly how long the club has been in existence, but the earliest records were shortly after World War 2. A small group of English officers returned from the war back to lives of luxury, and started to explore new ways in which hell could be inflicted upon an person. Over the years, the numbers have grown and imaginative characters have brought about the self-inflicted slaughter of thousands.

Over the years, rules for the game have had to be implemented. The most egregious examples would be in the late 70’s. “Ares” had just been given his target and had dropped out of sight. The cabal kept the victim under constant surveillance , awaiting what would come next. During a family dinner, he calmly walked in and executed 8 members of his family. He tossed a pistol at the poor boy, and instructed that either her shoot himself or the rest of his family would be dead by dawn. Took him 30 seconds to make the choice. “Ares” loves to brag about the fact that the “No killing” rule was brought in to bring him under control.

Now the games comprise of identity assassination and the destruction of a person’s faith in themselves. One of the more interesting examples was from “Isis”, who announced from the start that she had no care for the time taken and that this would be her magnus opus. She hired several individuals to undergo plastic surgery to make themselves identical to the target. They started to follow this young introverted woman around, always visible to her in the distance. She began to grow paranoid. At this point, the stalking escalated to several of them following at once and approaching her aggressively. She always ran from these encounters, heading home and locking her doors tight. They would post photos of her taken from her back garden through her letter box. It took 6 days before she finally snapped and opened up her arms with shards from the mirror.

The current record is held by “Morpheus”. It was quite inspired. He paid a number of actors to approach the target, and to say deadpan “wake up, you’re in a coma” then act confused when he confronted them about what they had said. He hurled himself from the top floor of his offices before the day was out.

Now there is no limitation to who can become a target, save for the members of the club. This extends to celebrities from all walks of life. Many public rag scandals have come from machinations of the club, with the now fading star watching their glamour dissolve in front of their eyes. Those who have lived the high life often cannot continue once they are cast out.

An interesting case was with “Jupiter”. They threw him a bit of a curveball, and elected a target from deep within the amazon forest. A tribesman with no significant concept of much outside his own village. He kidnapped the man in the night and proceeded to subject him to a clockwork orange-style lesson in the horrors and atrocities that have been committed by man. It took 3 days , but he clawed out his own eyes and died from the shock.

Now this brings us to You. You have been selected as the next target. My name is “Mercury” and you are my target. Knowing what you know now, why don’t you save us all some time and just swallow the goddamn capsule…

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Yetiscribbles avatar
6 years ago

Very tasty. I’d like to see this fleshed out and get into some detail about the targets and their downward spirals.

LittleTwsitedSmiles avatar

Not bad, not bad at all. Would read the hell out of it if it were a thriller series.

FlowerOfDarkness avatar
7 years ago

Sounds like Illuminati to me. Like if you agree, dislike if you don’t. 10/10

GrimmBullet avatar
7 years ago

I enjoyed the concept and reading up until the last paragraph. I didn’t like that you used capsule. Something more common would make the reader feel more creeped out.

N.A. avatar
7 years ago

The story was rather nicely written. It may in fact be my favorite story on here. I would have appreciated some more details on other ‘targets’, but you did succeed in hooking my attention and leaving me eager for more. Good job.

darkandcold avatar
7 years ago

i enjoyed it

8 years ago

Accomplished and well written. Shame about the – what I hope are – typos.

Darker_Half avatar
8 years ago

The entire story as mention was well written, I do agree. The ending was a bit too cliche for me. Another idea could have fit better there.
All in all, I did enjoy it tho.

PastaFurry avatar
9 years ago

Odd, but I enjoyed it. The last paragraph was a little cliche, but overall well written. I liked the part about the ‘record holder’. It was a nice touch.

Carmella1023 avatar
9 years ago

I wasn’t a bad pasta it was ok 4/10

UltimatePasta avatar
9 years ago

That last paragraph was too cliche