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Let me guess, you’re on here trying to freak yourself out or find a pasta worth sharing, right? Me too, but nothing seems to spike your interest or really sends a chill down your spine. Take a look at the videos too, yet still – there’s nothing. You really are getting bored now, aren’t you? To me, this ritual seems to happen quite a lot, what about you? An idea has probably just popped into your head – “why am I reading this?”

Interesting how you’re still reading this. Place yourself in my shoes and stop reading the pattern. You didn’t see it? Read every first word of the sentences before these two, maybe then what I’m about to tell you will make sense.

Have you ever thought about what goes through a psychopath’s mind? How they dream about feeling anyone’s blood drip from their hands. Drip, drip, drip. At first the pattern unsettled me. However now it’s music to our ears. Don’t pretend you don’t hear it late at night. You tell your family, but they insist it’s just a faulty tap so you think that too. You’ve already started to become one of us. You’ve gotten used to the sound.

Don’t fool yourself anymore, don’t deny those thoughts. The ones where you grin as you tear your enemies body apart and recieve immense pleasure from it. Let yourself be consumed by those dreams – it will cause you no harm as they’re just dreams, right?

Each day, you become more like us. You see us on TV and your family say how we’re the scum of society, but you know better now.

We’re waiting.

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Spoopy Waffles
Spoopy Waffles
5 years ago

This destroyed my mind. For a very short pasta, it was amazingly tasty and savorable, so much as to share it with others. No a mindfuck, a metamind fuck leaving you wondering what the hell you just read. 5/5

5 years ago

To: Cupcakes_r_Good. You should make you comment into a story! I would like it if you did!

MistyMystic avatar
5 years ago

Yea…. I could kill that person… or I could just sit here and watch TV doing nothing.

NightsShadow avatar
6 years ago

The dripping blood is not what gets me… Its their screams of pain while i eat their insides

MillenniumLint333 avatar
6 years ago

@Cupcakes_R_Good. what will you do when they pass out from the pain??? O_o

FlowerOfDarkness avatar
6 years ago

Roses are red, violets are blue, apparently I’m a psycho so I’ll kill all of you

MetallicaFan avatar
7 years ago

Short and straight to the point, just the way i like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

NightFury avatar
7 years ago

That was just… wow! I loved this one! I really liked the perspective this story is presented in ๐Ÿ™‚

7 years ago

I would heat up a knife so that it is blazing hot, like white hot, and then slowly cut off small parts of the body, like first, to the first knuckle of your fingers and toes, then second knuckle, third, at the joint, ect. I will do this until I get to the torso. I will make them watch dogs devour them. Then, I will burn them to ashes. Then carve out a cliche message on their back/abdomen like: You’ve already been warned! or Don’t cross paths with me again! or something. The reason is, is that since the knife is white hot, when you slice through flesh, it will cauterize the wound ( Cauterize : Verb :to burn the skin or flesh of [a wound with a heated instrument or caustic substance, typically to stop bleeding or prevent the wound from becoming infected]) This way, with the blood being stopped, the person won’t bleed out. Which means lots of pain. And no relief knowing that you will soon die because you will bleed out. Because the blood is stopped by the heat. After this I would take the knife, and cut out the tongue so they won’t be able to tell anybody it was me. I will then set the hair on fire, but I wont let it get to the face. I would put it out with boiling water. I will then proceed to tattoo them with my knife of white hot pain, and then I will dump them in salt, drench them in lime juice and baby oil, and let them sit in the sun for about 30 minutes to an hour. Almost done, I will force there eyes open, and slowly, ever so slowly, take the knife and slowly, did I mention slowly? Gauge their eyes out. After they are out, I will stick nails where the eyes used to be. Then, I will force a liter of soda down their throats, then give them a pack of mint mentos. But, I will leave the ears perfectly intact, so that they can hear everyones reaction to what they have become. So they can hear woman scream, parents tell their children to look away, and men shout “Good lord what is that monster?” Then, cut off their nose wrap them in a package (with holes) and send them on their way home. After a few years, when they are at a ripe good age, I will return. I will tie them up, inject them with Ebola, yellow fever, black death, and shove a leech down their throat. Then, I will strap meat to their body, and drench them in the blood of their family and friends. I will then, helicopter them out into the middle of the ocean, shove a white hot rod up their anus, over dose them on viagra, and let the sea take it from there.

7 years ago

Let me take you to an interesting place.