Dragon’s Triangle

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Min-Jun awoke, gasping for air as he flailed in the shallow water. His vision blurred by the salt water, he flung himself ashore, and lay face first in the sand. He swabbed away the water from his eyes and attempted to open them. His eyelids fluttered until he finally was able to keep them pried. Min-Jun looked around at his surroundings.

He was on a beach, located on what appeared to be a large, tropical island. Fifty yards up, stood a green, luscious jungle. There was something strange about this jungle. Something odd, that gave Min-Jun an unsettling feeling. It looked like a normal jungle would, only it had an uneasy stillness to it. There were no birds cawing, monkeys howling, or even shuffling in the undergrowth. The jungle sat in utter silence. The entire island was domed under a thick layer of fog. Min-Jun wiped his eyes and looked down the beach, which seemed to stretch on for miles, to see something that had only appeared to him in his nightmares.

Bodies of men and women were strewn about, lying in the wet sand, limp and lifeless. Sailors, fishermen, soldiers, and pilots alike were piled along the coast. Along with the dead, was the wreckage of planes and boats. Metal was twisted around trees and implanted in the sand.

What would do this to these people? Min-Jun thought, looking down at a soldier who had been torn in half, revealing his exposed entrails.

Min-Jun knew the answer to his question before he asked himself. He had read the words carved into stone, only a few days ago. Seishin Ita. Spirit Eaters, in English. To his horror, he realized where he had been sent. A place of death. A place where the human mind was too weak to comprehend the evil that resigned on this island.

Legends told of beings in a place known as Akuma no umi., who were so evil, they could never be directly seen in their true form by humans. There were eight Spirit Eaters, all with names that described their inhuman powers. Kako, Aidia, Enochi, Fovos, Thymos, Thlipsi, Echthra, and Thanatos.

Why would they send me here? Min-Jun thought to himself. How could they send me to such an evil place?

Suddenly, a hideous scream echoed from the jungle. The ground shook as trees and branches stirred. Something was coming out of the woods. A large creature, fifty feet tall, stomped out of the jungle and onto the beach, facing Min-Jun.
The creature took form as every fear and anxiety in Min-Jun’s subconscious mind. Spiders, snakes and bugs, as well as hundreds of other fears, manifested into one horrifying beast.

“Fovos.” Min-Jun said out loud, too terrified to look away.

The creature let out a disturbing cry; a deep, electronic screech, that pulled blood from Min-Jun’s ears. A stench more foul than anything he had experienced before, invaded his nostrils. His vision was suddenly no more, as his eyes melted out of his skull. The mere presence of Fovos was more than his body could take. Min-Jun felt the idea of returning to Miyake Island fade away. He screamed in agony as every bone in his body snapped and cracked, until they were minuscule shards. His skin tore away, burning into nothing, leaving a heap of blood and organs. Min-Jun’s remains joined those who had suffered the same fate before him.

Life went on, miles away on Miyake Island. People hear strange noises and see unexplained lights far out in the Pacific. The natives tell stories of an island of evil and death. They tell of creatures that are unseen by the human mind. Monsters, that are far more superior than anything on Earth. Those who go to investigate, never return, for they discover an evil place. A place by the name of Dragon’s Triangle.

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CommanderMeouch avatar
6 years ago

I like this pasta, but it would have been better if it had been a bit more descriptive, and a little longer. Who sent him to the island? Why did he end up there?. [spoiler] I would have liked to read more about the island and the monsters that reside on it[/spoiler]

thedemonIx avatar
6 years ago

Meh….. This pasta needs more sauce…

Omfi avatar
6 years ago

More sauce and salt plz

ShahAlpha avatar
6 years ago

He was burn then this creature is a dragon.

7 years ago

Shoulda eaten his greens and grains. Maybe he wouldn’t have been sent to the island then

7 years ago

I really like Dragon’s Triangle’s story. I read it about five times today. Keep up the great work

TheNightFury avatar
7 years ago

so unscary and nothing about dragons

7 years ago

I liked the concept of this, however it was never explained who sent Min-Jun there and why. It could use a little more detail concerning Min-Jun’s life leading up until he actually got to the island as well. Also, the monsters are named based on their powers but are never translated into English so I have no clue what their powers even were. Let’s not forget the fact that only one of the monsters were even mentioned concerning Min-Jun’s death. I would have liked a description of all the monsters and maybe more of them being involved in the actual story.

buddergeddon avatar
7 years ago

you should make it longer

la pasta
la pasta
8 years ago

OMG!!!! DRAGON MY WORST NIGHTMARE THIS PERSON HAS A DRAGON ON HIS PASTA HOLY CRAP 10 OUT OF 10……….hundred sheesh dragons are not scary anymore stop Creeypastas your not worthy of writing such creepy suff

Vamp4rLife avatar
8 years ago

Short But Sweet ☺

8 years ago

It’s an interesting concept, but didn’t have much suspense and lacked detail. It was a bit excessive how often you used his name. 5/10

millieredbird avatar
8 years ago

There are so many times you can use a name in a paragraph – I felt this was very amature.

The story line was fine – great even – but there was no depth. It lacked description to do with his smell or touch and equally there was no real description of this “beast”.

I feel there is potential, but there needs a lot more.


BloodyMind avatar
8 years ago

I think this pasta was interesting. It would’ve made it more detailed if you explained the beings names. And if you’d explained how he got there. Otherwise a good pasta.

IAmBread avatar
8 years ago

Mmmmm, not too good. It was very short, and a bit of the mans background would’ve been nice. After that, 7/10 breads.

8 years ago

I think that it was a good pasta, for the most part. The ending could have been a little more cliffhanger, like someone else gets sent there. Also, maybe the spirits could have played more games with him. I think that the death and being scared ****less could have taken more time then the waking up and describing the other things.

TheWaiter avatar
8 years ago

Dragon’s Triagle, AKA Devil’s Sea, Formosa Triangle, The Pacific Bermuda Triangle. Basically the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific ocean, about 100 miles south of Tokeo and right next to Miyake island.

8 years ago

A good idea, but I would have liked his death to take longer. I think that would make it scarier.

QBaphomet avatar
8 years ago

Was this story inspired also by the LC game?

8 years ago

cool but to short