The Licked Hand


A beautiful young girl is left home alone with only her dog to protect her. On the news that night, they announced there is a serial killer on the loose in the area. Before she goes to bed, she locks all the doors and tries to lock all the windows, but the one in the basement won’t lock. She decides to leave it unlocked, but locks the basement door and goes to bed. Her dog takes its customary place under her bed.

In the deep of night she awakens to a dripping sound coming from her bathroom. Half-awake, the girl feels the comforting lick from her dog and falls back to sleep. She reawakens to the dripping sound, reaches her hand down to the dog where she feels the reassuring lick and falls back to sleep. Once more, she awakens to the dripping sound. She reaches her hand down and feels the lick of her dog.

Now curious about the dripping sound, she gets up and slowly walks towards the bathroom, the dripping sound getting louder as she approaches. She reaches the bathroom and turns on the light. She is greeted by a horrific sight; hanging from the shower nozzle is her dog with its throat slit open and its blood dripping into the bathtub.

Something on the bathroom mirror catches her eye; she turns around. Written on the wall in her dog’s blood are the words “Humans can lick too.”

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3 months ago

very gud!

11 months ago


1 year ago

My name is Yoshikage Kira, I am 33 years old

5 years ago

Quite good! 9/10

HellIsEmptyAndAllTheDemonsAreHere avatar
Vae Vobis
5 years ago

You literally just typed up a 40 year old, universally known, urban legend/campfire tale. How is that even a legit submission? Plus, this is more funny than scary, or so I’ve felt the 5,000 times I’ve heard it already.

5 years ago

How did he (the murderer) even get in without wakeinf her when a sound of a soft drip does it. But creepy.

Xx_Sasuke114_xX avatar
6 years ago

Omygoe this has to be the best tiny story I’ve ever read

ViolentViolet666 avatar
6 years ago

Short and sweet

Chaseti127 avatar
6 years ago

This pasta if like soooooooooooo good I loved it so much the ending though that is so terrifying I am most definitely never gunna sleep again but still FANTISTIC!!!

6 years ago

Well written