For the longest time I’ve turned to ASMR to help relax me. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s basically a brain orgasm that is triggered by personal attention, tapping sounds, deliberate tasks, ear or microphone covering— well there’s a multitude of things that can trigger that sort of response. It’s been my go to for anxiety for the last couple of months. You can find these videos easy enough on youtube. I usually listen to MassageASMR before bed.

But as I laid there, listening to an inaudible whispering video, I started to feel a bit chillier than usual, so I decided to get up and grab a sweater. My window was open, and it was a bit of a colder night. Anyway, I took my headphones off and set them aside. When I went to pause the video, I realized that it had frozen. Sometimes our connection is a bit shoddy. I was listening for about 30 minutes, so I guess that could explain it. My internet had been trying to load an hour long video. Still, it should have loaded by now, right? I decided to click near the beginning of the video to back up and just listen to the same 30 minutes before bed. When I hovered over the progress bar, however, I noticed that the video had never played passed the first ten minutes.

In retrospect I should have realized something was wrong when I thought I could feel the breath on my ears.

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IAmABear avatar
5 years ago

A little sinister, but can be a lot better. I give it a 3 out of 5.

ishimondo420 avatar
5 years ago


5 years ago

It’s surely a good one but it is kinda weird to imagine some demon breathing to your ears. Kinda gay lol

5 years ago

I did like the story but it just didn’t make sense to me, I read it over and over but still I got nothing. It was a great story though!

Insomniac_Ink avatar
5 years ago

Creepy! I love this type of story <3

ShroomsCross avatar
6 years ago

I liked it, I wish there was a way to favorite or something the storeies you like most!

6 years ago

great short !!

StephenKingFan12139 avatar
6 years ago

Sounds cool but I don’t really get it

6 years ago

that caught me by surprise 5/5

Cainmak avatar
6 years ago

I knew someone would make a creepypasta about ASMR. Especially since many people see inaudible whispers as a trait of a psychopath.
It’s short, but really nice. I like it.