English professors have told me that born-writers can sit by a computer and make up a story in an hour, without even having to think. Their stories flow like water from their finger tips. I am most definitely not a born-writer. People like me, people without born artistic talent– we need pain to create. We need horrible tragedies to write our stories. This is how we profit. We take our mothers’ deaths and make the widest selling and most beloved children’s books of all time. We need inspiration. And inspiration will only come from pain.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I write love stories. Heart wrenching, sob-inducing love stories. A daughter loses her mother, or a young girl and her first heartbreak. That’s what I write. Walk in any book store and there you’ll see my books– my name larger than the title– and posters with promise of a new book coming out this January. They are all essentially the same plot, yet every single one has been optioned for a movie deal. It doesn’t matter, every teenage girl in this country will go with a box of tissues and proclaim their love for the main male actor. This shit happens everyday.

It’s obvious that my books aren’t interesting; but if I told you how I made them, I know you’d stop and listen. Every girl in my story, she is real. Or was real. Every heartbreak was real. Their pain is my sustenance.

I find a girl, twenty and cute. She is eager for fun, eager for love. I profess my love for her after a few dates. Boy, do I lay it on thick. I devote myself to her– she thinks she met the perfect guy. I listen to her, I understand her. We talk about our feelings and we have slow, loving sex. I’m a gay friend who can provide several orgasms per night; every girl’s dream. And when the time is right, I tell her we’re going to my special place. I tell her it’s the place I promised myself I’d only share with girl I know I love.

We drive. We stop for a bite to eat at whatever her favorite restaurant is along the way. We drive for miles, out of the city and into the woods. She’s excited to see what I have planned.

It’s dusk and we’re in the woods. Appalachia, the mountain air soothing. We hike a bit and finally, we’re at the most beautiful view in Virginia. The town below twinkles as the inhabitants light fires and their houses before night finds them. Mountains rise against the back-lit red sky. She tells me how beautiful it is.

And I always say, in a moment of wonted cheesiness, “Just like you.” She turns to me, love glowing in her eyes. Naturally, this is when I stab her in the stomach as hard as I can. Again, in the chest. Then, I slash her throat. Her shrill screaming won’t travel as far as the town. This is my inspiration. The only time anyone ever feels true heartbreak is when they realize one the one they love absolutely hates them. I can see it in their eyes. Her sense of heart wrenching betrayal. She’s crying and screaming from the pain of death, and the fact that the man she loves wants her dead. I want her dead. So, I look into her eyes. I watch her thrash. I listen to her heart break. This is what makes the written snuff-pornography that the teenybopper girls love so much.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m home and I’m writing. I need a book by January. I call this one “The Trail”. The story of a girl who finds her life and love (and eventual heartbreak) while through-hiking the Appalachian trail. Already, I’m getting movie offers from big shot movie companies. Everyday, girls write me letters about how much I inspire them. They have no idea how much they inspire me.

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MrCrabs avatar
5 years ago

Whoa……..honestly…i cant fins tthe qords to describe this pasta…10/10

StrawberryPasta avatar
6 years ago

The whole time I thought “Seems kinda unoriginal.”
Then by the end, I was like “Wow!”
Amazing work! It was a amazing twist!

I didn’t expect you to stab the women! 😀

DavinUmphefumloUmchithi avatar
6 years ago

I love the title. It gives such a special kind of curiosity.

DustToDust avatar
6 years ago

Wow, that was…Something

Sogeking avatar
6 years ago

That took a dark turn fast. Wow.

cviti123 avatar
7 years ago

Wow, a great pasta with an unexpected twist. Good job! 9/10

HiroyukiSE avatar
7 years ago

Holy crap that got dark so quickly….

JesterDr.J avatar
8 years ago

That was extremely entertaining! I loved every second of it. There was a certain creepy factor in the writing that made this pasta truly fascinating!

Alchemy avatar
8 years ago

This is very good, with an awesome twist. 10/10.

Kellie_78 avatar
8 years ago

Good twist. I think you are very imaginative and a great writer.

Goawayplease avatar
8 years ago

Love it! I devoured this. I love when people show how mad people can be. Keep on keeping on!

BloodyEnglish avatar
8 years ago

Sweet! I love twisted things like this.

8 years ago

Disturbing but not too disturbing…. a sweet person turned devil….. love and heartbreak…. Omg it’s awesome! 10/10 🙂

8 years ago

something bothers me. it was stated that the writer is a girl. she is gay, and then killed her lover to make an inspiration. then it was stated “the man she loves”. otherwise 7/10

9 years ago

I’ll never write another love story again without thinking about this.

9 years ago

This is beautiful… the one thing I hate most about unoriginal love stories that people die over, except with a twist that made it readable. Almost makes me wish something like this has happened in the world before.

9 years ago

Reminds me of Meloholic… It’s a manhwa.

9 years ago

This here is why I will never ever date a writer

9 years ago

the fuck

10 years ago

I remember writing this in junior year. Brings me back. I’m glad everyone likes it so much! Thank you for all the kind feedback!