Apartment 7

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Hello. My name is Alex. To describe my life first and foremost, it sucks. Today on my terrible job as a demolition inspector, I get to go out and examine this old apartment complex (Birchwood) that has been abandoned for a year or two. You can imagine how fun that is. I wake up around noon in an apartment of my own. I start off my day waking up to this annoying old alarm clock. BEEP BEEP BEEP. I then go the door of my small bedroom. My room has a computer desk in the corner, and the walls are an ugly tan color. My computer screen flashes, alerting me that I have an email. It’s from a restricted address that I don’t know, and it says “DEAD BEFORE DAWN”. Probably a group of kids prank mailing me.

I go downstairs, have a quick brunch of cereal and toast, and leave the apartment complex. I get in my SUV (a CRV) and start the half an hour drive to work to meet the only decent human being I know. It’s my work partner, Zach. He is around 23, and is kind to everyone he meets. He is short, has brown eyes, and dirty blond hair. Working with him makes my job a lot better. As soon as I walk up to him, he greets me with a smile.

”Hey Zach” I say.

“Sup. Did you hear about why the Birch-wood apartment complex got shut down?”

“Nope. How’d it happen?”

He gives me a smile; the kind someone gives when they thinks what they’re saying is funny.

“Numerous disappearances, supposedly by a creature sorts. I think it’s just an excuse because they ran out of money”.

After talking for a while, our boss, who is a major jerk, walks up and says in a lecturing tone “Get moving idiots, you don’t have all day!” We get in our old company owned truck, and head towards the Birch-wood apartment complex, ready to work the day away together.

An hour and a half later, we arrive at Birch-wood apartments. The complex is a 7 story group of condemned apartment buildings arranged in a U-shape, with above and underground parking in the center.

“Looks kinda scary don’t it?” I say to Zach.

“Yeah. It does. I can already feel the creature watching me”, he says in a teasing tone.

It did look kind of scary, with the broken windows and balcony rails tinted brown with rust. In the slight wind, you could hear the building creaking, and the skittering of leaves on the ground.

We get on with working. We have to make sure the place is OK to demolish. If we deem at least 66.6%, or 2/3, of the crumbling complex safe, then it is safe to demolish in a months time. As we go through the first building, Zach and I hear skittering and scratching noises. We put a note of mice or other rodents in the building. Shouldn’t effect the demolition plans. All of the first building is deemed safe by regulation standards. No toxic or flammable fluids or materials, loose metal, cadavers, etc. As we progress through the second building, the sounds begin to pick up. There are faint bashes and crashes. As we turn the corner, at the end of a long hallway, we thought we saw a flash of movement.

“You see that?” I ask Zach.

“Yeah, it was probably just a raccoon. No need to panic. We do need to hurry though, the sun sets at 8:30-ish, and its 7 already.” He says with a rushing tone.

His phone rings. It’s a call from the boss. I hear the boss say something about regulations being different due to the age of the building. Apparently we have to check at least 90% of the building. Zach and I decide to split up to cover more ground, and to try and fish our job before nightfall.

“You get the top half of the 3rd building, I’ll get the bottom” Meet me in the middle of the 4th floor when you finish your portion” Zach says.

I go my separate way to check the last building. Same room after room, with the single bedroom, small bathroom, and closet. So boring. I’m halfway down the 4th floor, checking the last room. Apartment 7. The air feels thicker in this room, as if it was full of a gas of some type, like the kind they use at the dentist. My mouth hangs open in shock when I see the corpse. Its bones are the only things left. The bones are shattered and scratched. The wall behind the corpse it spattered in dark dried blood. I pick up my walkie to call Zach, but I feel so tired…so tired… as if I couldn’t move another inch… I see the bed in the corner and think, what a nice place to rest for awhile… I’m asleep before my head hits the moth eaten pillow.

I awake to a bloodcurdling scream. It sounds as if it was in the hallway, right outside my door. I begin to realize through my muddled and confused mind that Zach, my best and near only friend, would be standing in that spot. He was also the only other person in the complex. As I slowly comprehend this, the door slowly creaks open. “SSSSQQQQUUUUUEEEEEAAAAKKKKKK”. There is a skittering sound in the darkness. I feel as if I’m being watched. I pull my flashlight out and turn it on. My heart almost stops. At the foot of my bed, there is a horrifying creature. The creature has a thin skeletal frame, with tan, tightly stretched skin. Its eyes are crystalline black, and its claws are sharp and gleaming red. Spattered with crimson blood. Zach’s blood. It climbs onto my bed. It opens its large maw, and clacks its sharp teeth. I know this is the end. Its large hand closes tightly around my throat, and I black out.

I wake up. The sky is streaked with hints of pink and orange. It’s right before dawn. The time where the world is silent, and the birds and squirrels are just beginning to wake up. I’m lying in a pool of shining blood. I look for the source of the intense bleeding, and it’s a gaping hole in my chest. I can see my rib cage in the faint light before dawn. I feel strangely peaceful, and I don’t question the fact that I’m on the roof. I feel no pain, despite the extent of my injuries. I hear skittering behind me, and I know I will be dead before dawn.

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EveryManAWildcat avatar
2 months ago

Not enough use of the word “skittering”, in my opinion.

loverofcreepy avatar
5 years ago

This story is pretty cool but feels a bit rushed and theres not a lot of discription on the creature.

mixcook avatar
6 years ago

I’m new here…what is rake?

6 years ago

Don’t waste your time guys. summary boring, dulling cliche, as all stories of monster. neither my little brother of 5 years old believe of that,

Omfi avatar
6 years ago

Not scary and I know you use rake

MillenniumLint333 avatar
7 years ago

i think i need a career change…

Mr.LoveDr.Hate avatar
7 years ago

My good sir, it has been brought to my attention, after thoroughly reading the comments of our lovely peers that the fatal question that must be asked in this narrative has only be brought up one time. Obviously I can’t let this literary travesty embark any longer on it’s journey to shadow the upmost important inquirie of this piece of work that you so generously lay before us with nary a thought of monetarial gain, but only for the love of things both creepy and pasta. The question in it’s entirety is simple yet profound, often written but nearly even spoken, a question that clouds the minds of our greatest pasta makers of old and even today in this pasta golden age. Who, mind you who is phone?


8 years ago

Then who was phone?

8 years ago

So who sent the email, what was even the point of it? Not ragging on your story, I’m just wondering.

8 years ago

i thought this was a damn good story i wish i could read more like this

8 years ago

posted July 7
the complex is 7 stories
they see a creature they think is a Raccoon at 7:00
apartment 7
l love the way u put that number in there a lot. they were like little hints to the story. very creative. good story

8 years ago

dude rake alert

Mr.Creepasta avatar
8 years ago

Pretty cool man or woman you awesome

Mr.Creepy666 avatar
8 years ago

i loved it

michaela0144 avatar
8 years ago

kinda cool.
i kinda think that the monster is a big bug.

8 years ago

Posted July 7th. I get it.

LivingHorrorStory227 avatar

Dude that was like the coolest story ever, but… I no longer plan on living in any apartment with the number seven on it

8 years ago

Great story

BlOoDyRoSeBiCh avatar
8 years ago

so what exactly was the creature?

DarkHuntress94 avatar
8 years ago

Interesting but feels kind of rushed. Not really creepy.