Room 210


Of places that you would think to be haunted and creepy, hospitals and nursing homes, at about one a.m., are the worst. Death and illness run the halls of these institutions on a daily basis.
The walls become infected with it. The floors and fixtures are run down by it. Each room becomes a cell of this thing and at times, makes it appear living.
Let me tell you a story about a particular room, one that has become known as the death room. That room is 210.

Incident One
From what we know, the real disturbances in this room began after the death of a male patient, we’ll call him Jerry. Jerry was well known to the nurses because of his frequent attempts to make himself vomit. He would stick his entire hand into his throat and make himself gag. Jerry even got to the point with his “illness,” that no one would believe him when he said he was sick. Then, one particular day he began complaining about having a bad headache. After repeatedly pestering the nurse, she finally told him to go and lay down and she would bring him some pain reliever. Jerry went to his room, cursing at the nurse the entire way down the hall.
The nurse, after grabbing some pain reliever, made her way down the hall and entered his room. Screams were heard throughout the facility at that moment and other nurses came running to aide. What they found was horrible. Jerry had made it to his room but hadn’t survived beyond that.
Blood seemed to be coming out of every part of Jerry. It had pooled on the floor around him and was spreading in thin red lines to the edges of the room.
A superstition in facilities of this sort is that when someone dies you open the windows and allow their souls to escape, but countless tries proved that jerry’s windows wouldn’t open. Weeks after removing his body and cleaning the room, nurses still believed that Jerry was still there, and future incidents seemed to prove that something was, indeed, in that room.

Incident Two
Mr. Rathburn was on his second round at the facility. The first time he had been a pleasant man. He had gone through treatment and had gone home with high hopes. This time he had fallen down and broken his hip, he was put in room 210. The rumors were that he wasn’t going to make it this time.
The first night, it was said that he could be heard screaming all throughout the building. Every time a nurse would enter his room he would sit straight up and tell them that demons were pulling him under. Another time a nurse went into his room he tried to speak and it looked and sounded as if someone or thing was trying to strangle him. You could actually see the finger marks.
Still, other nurses spoke of a shadow that would sneak down the hall and go into that room and shortly after Mr. Rathburn would start screaming.
The day the he passed away they said was a dreadful one. He screamed and screamed until his voice was nothing but a whisper. They said that his eyes almost bulged right out of his head in fright. His last words were, “They’re coming to get me.”

Incident Three
Mr. Collins had only moments left when they moved him into room 210. His wife was in another room close to his. She spent most of her time at his side waiting for the inevitable. This particular night, however, she had went to her room and crawled into bed to rest for a while. She had fallen asleep, to be awakened by the commotion in the hallway.
A nurse ran by her room in a state of panic. Mrs. Collins poked her head out into the hallway and noticed that it was her husband’s room that they were going into. She threw her robe around her and headed in that direction. One of the aides tried to caution her, and keep her back, but she pushed her way through and into the room.
There was her husband’s dead body in the bed with eyes and mouth wide in terror. All around him on the floor was glass from the lights overhead, but not a piece was in the bed with him. His privacy curtains were shredded from ceiling to floor as if someone had taken a knife to them. Mrs. Collins had to be sedated that night. The memory of her husband’s face haunted her until her last moments, but especially when they transferred her to room 210.

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Laughing Jill is coming....
Laughing Jill is coming....
4 years ago

First of all never go into that damn place or you will die… second BEST STORY EVER!

DrJagged avatar
5 years ago


Some grammatical errors, almost made me want to stop at the beginning but it did have a nice hooker.

Nice twist with the transferring to room 210, but it would have been more creepy had the incidents been related, like they all had marks on them or something. Also, a creepier twist could have been that the nurses were like with Jerry and we’re sendig people to their deaths.

Overall 8.25/10

LamiaTheSoulStealer avatar
6 years ago

that is kinda creepy. and i like it. Keep up the good work. I also like the twist at the end.

Smileitstimetodie avatar
6 years ago

really shitty

6 years ago

Write more

DiamondCevert avatar
6 years ago

That room 210 is to die for…. Literally apparently.
Very cool creepypasta.

Mr.Slenderman avatar
6 years ago

HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOOD! *does the ok sign* Best Story I’ve read all day!

Omfi avatar
6 years ago

Great story 10/10

6 years ago

I feel like the hospital would at least try to refrain from putting people in this room. If all the nurse think some stuff is messed up with it, and multiple occurrences of strange phenomenon happened in the room, I feel the hospital would stop using that room.

Trinity avatar
7 years ago

Room 210 is the number of the hospital room that my grandmother died in about a month ago… *Tears up*

Crystal07 avatar
7 years ago

…but especially when they transferred her to room 210.” – That was the part that got me. Good job!

7 years ago

The pasta had great great build-up yet the ending ruined the dark mist around “Room 210.” I’d suggest making it longer, not stopping at Mrs. Collins death. If those improvements were made, It’d be a 4/5

nitedragon avatar
7 years ago

Really good it would have been nice to see a little more to the story.

Ally.ruth avatar
8 years ago

Oh wow! I loved it that was amazingly awesome. Great job 5/5

8 years ago

A proper ending would have been nice. Maybe a twist, but it doesn’t have to be that.

fallen avatar
8 years ago

Good story, has potential, you could possibly make a short series …

CreepyPastaMasta avatar
8 years ago

nice story, I enjoyed the read. but I would have recommended you add an ending with someone getting rid of the ghost in like a crazy exorcism that ended in both of there deaths but the ghosts never bothered them again.