Summon Slenderman


How to summon Slender man:

[WARNING] Do at your own risk, it is not suggested that you play. This game requires a few days of preparation so be warned.

– 2 Sheets of paper
– Red pen
– Red string/yarn
– Scissors
– Salt
– 4 Candles
– Lighter
– Ziplock bag
– Rock

You are now about to begin the game. Make sure you don’t have anything that has your name or a loved ones name on it in the bathroom. (i.e. bracelet, necklace)

Step 1- Take two sheets of paper. On one write your name, the following words,”Tievs vīrs: Es pasaukšu jūs”. Crumble up the paper and place it in the bag with 4 inches of red string/yarn, a lock of your hair, and a small rock. Then take a needle or pin to create the tinniest hole possible in the bag.

Step 2- Fill up the bath tub just enough so that you can submerge the zip lock bag. Pour in desired amount of salt then place the bag in.

Step 3- Take all four candles into the bathroom, line them up in front of the mirror and only light one.

Step 4- On a separate piece of paper write “Reveal your self” and hold it up to the mirror.

Step 5- Wait long enough for the words in the mirror to no long appear back wards. Immediately when that happens light the other three candles.

Step 6- Rip up the paper.

Step 7- Blow out all candles and turn on the lights.

Step 8- Go over to the bath tub and pull out the plastic bag. If water had gotten inside of it, slender man does not want to be seen by you, if there is no water inside you will now see slender man for the next two weeks.

When you see him it will be an all black figure with a whited out face. It may look like a shadow person. If he gets too close, at the same time you did the ritual last time, take another piece of paper and write “Vairs nav vēlas būt kopā ar tevi” but this time in black or blue pen. Leave the paper under your bed when you go to sleep that night and if you don’t see him in your dreams he has left you. If you do, he will remain with you for the days left.

Good luck and be careful.

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1 month ago

Oh good! Slendy owes me like $60 and he’s been dodging me. Thanks for the tip, I’m gonna go get my money back now.