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One of my best qualities, I believe, is my intelligence. I don’t mean to come across as rude, but the fact is, I am beyond the brain capacity of any other person my age. At the age of eight, my IQ was measured to be 136, which was just shy of genius level. I loved to learn, too. I wanted to know everything.

As I got older, I spent my time thinking and learning. It was great. One day, I was offered the chance to take part in an experimental process to expand the mental capacity by 250%. I, of course, agreed.

On the day of the test, I went to the lab and sat patiently in the procedure chair. The scientists and resident doctor hooked me up to an EEG and other devices to ensure my life. Then they brought in the equipment for the procedure. It was a pair of glasses, completely normal at first glance.

They slid the glasses onto my face and I immediately saw the difference. Everything, all the secrets of the universe were there before me. I saw chemical formulas, atoms, molecules, and protein structures. I saw mathematical equations, the measures of simple things that I had taken for granted. I saw beyond the walls of the room I was held in. I saw the stars, the next galaxy, and an alternate universe.

I sat for a moment, barely looking at anything. Then the scientists tapped my shoulder and asked me, “What do you see?”

I turned to look at them, slowly. “I see everything.” I could see each cell of their bodies, each fiber of their clothes, each individual strand of their hair.

“Everything, huh?”

I stared into the deep blue, almost black eyes of one of the professors. I saw what he thought. I saw everything.

And then the figurative shit hit the fan.

All the knowledge flooded into my mind. Before, I had only been seeing, and not really taking anything in. Now, though, it was all coming in at once. It was like a tidal wave trying to pour through a rainspout. I could hear all the people of the world, alive and dead, talking; I could see all the terrible things happening at once.

I instantly panicked. I couldn’t breathe. I heard machines beeping, the scientists rushing about and trying to talk to me. Over that, there were still voices in my head telling me the secrets of the world. The doctor checked my EEG, which was bouncing off the walls. I saw nothing but whiteness, pure, blinding whiteness.

That white was suddenly changed to red. I no longer had control of my body or even my brain. My hands reached up and tore off the glasses, but it was too late. Out of pure frustration, my own, disobedient hands dug into my skull to try to put a stop to my brain. The voices had to go. My bloodied fingers gripped my eyes and tore them out of their sockets with a sickening squelch. I felt sick to my stomach and unbearable pain, but I was unable to react to it. My hands started tearing into my own skin before the scientists managed to tie me down. I felt them taking me somewhere.

Somehow, I managed to fall asleep, since I woke up at some point. My eyesight had returned, somehow. The voices were still there. Whispering to me.

“Don’t worry, you’re the smartest person in the world now.”

“You know everything, nothing will ever go wrong.”

I felt my vocal chords strain, and a strangled sound met my ears. Despite a part of my brain telling my body to stop, to shut down, to let me live, my arms struggled against my bonds.

My arms were rubbed raw but they finally tore through the bonds. I couldn’t blink, but I could see blood trickling down my body, blood from my face and arms. I was alone, in a hospital room. I felt the glasses on my face.

I ripped off the glasses and I was immediately blinded. However, the voices remained.

“You can’t leave us behind.”

“You still know everything…”

And at that moment, everything became nothing as my own hands betrayed me and plunged into my chest. Before I breathed my last breath, I heard the doctors rush into my room. Over their yells and the sound of more machines beeping, I heard the voices in my head say one last, chilling sentence:

“…And now you’ll know everything forever.”

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ViolentViolet666 avatar
6 years ago


6 years ago

[spoiler]If he tore out his eyes, how could he see the blood on himself? It also says that his vision had returned somehow. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE IF HE TORE OUT HIS DAMN EYEBALLS?! [/spoiler]

7 years ago

I get that I’m probably really late, but I just have to say that this was one of the best creepypastas I have ever read. Not exactly because of the gore, or the (limited) scariness. I like this one especially because it got me thinking. For example, many people wished they knew everything, but this story made me realize how we don’t think of the consequences associated with knowing “everything”. We don’t anknowledge the price that comes with it, and that the reason we’re so happy everyday is because we are ignorant.
Furthermore, this story helped me realize how vulnerable we as humans are, and just how much mental knowledge we can take before being destroyed.
Finally, I loved this story, but I think it isn’t quite fit as a creepypasta. Maybe another genre. But to you, good sir, thank you. You have taught me a lot.

KryssiPasta avatar
8 years ago

I like this pasta. The idea is interesting, and I like that the narrator has an apparently elated opinion of him/herself and their IQ level. I feel like this is a start to a sci-fi/supernatural movie or book where the protagonist survives the procedure that this narrator died during, kind of like the early stages of testing and the story of one of the unlucky early subjects. I like the crossover between science and paranormal, where someone who knows everything would be privy to knowledge from both the living and the dead. I would read a sequel 🙂

8 years ago

I find this story very intersting. The way they discribed seeing everything. This story was sickening ,but I loved it. I am confused.Yet i enjoy it. Well done

8 years ago

IQ of 172 when your 12 you’re pretty smart than

Big Boss
9 years ago

I don’t really know what to say about this pasta it wasn’t scary but it was gory but on the other hand seeing the whole universe thing kind of deterred me from it.

9 years ago

@alduin I am not, by any means, saying that you are lying. However, it is extremely unlikely that your IQ is 172. Perhaps you took a very inaccurate test? I could be mistaken, but I believe that the highest IQ of anyone alive today is 14-something. Einstein’s IQ was only 160.

9 years ago

I am 12 and my IQ is 172. Nice pasta!

Am I a genius then?

10 years ago

I hate when they do a past tense of themselves dying. It’s just an annoyance of mine.