One More Time


“I hope this thing is on. I still don’t know how to work it properly.” *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *BREATHING INTO THE MICROPHONE*

“Here we go…
Some would say what I did was wrong. I don’t care. It was what I had to do. It needed to be done. Things never work out like the story in a book or the plot of a movie. Happy endings aren’t real. Even if they were you could never tell if they were the end. Most tales end with the hero getting his revenge or his prize at the end. Not this one. This is a story of pure non-fiction. This is real. The following are extracts from my journal which I will read to you now. “

12th January
This is the first time I have tried to do a journal. I figured I would see how long I could stick with it. That’s why I started this as close to the new year as possible. I just moved into the new house. It’s rather big to be all to myself but when the price is right then I can’t argue. There are still some boxes left in here from the last occupants but I was assured that they would be picked up later.

13th January
It was cold last night. I barely slept. The house made creaking noises all night and the back door seems busted. It doesn’t shut properly. I could just be paranoid. There’s not much to report today. I met a neighbour or two as I unloaded the last of my boxes into the house. The neighbour (I forget his name) helped me carry a few to the door but seemed hesitant to go in. He seemed well mannered so I guess he didn’t want to intrude. I should have invited him in now that I think of it.

14th January
I haven’t got the drive or the energy to go out. I prefer to stay in on my own. No one has come to collect the boxes yet either. I can hear the music from next door. Why would you throw a party tonight? It’s a Wednesday. Some people have work tomorrow. Not me though. I haven’t started the search yet.

15th January
It’s my friend’s birthday today. I sent him a happy birthday e-mail. I feel a little stupid writing in a journal. If anyone came across these I could come across as some sort of crazy hermit. Last night there was more banging and creaking in the house. At least I think it was. Probably the neighbour throwing bottle or something.

16th January
There was a strange noise in the room with the boxes this morning. I went in there and saw a box had spilled over and the window was open. It could have been a possum or something. At least I hope it was. I am going to fix it tomorrow when I have more time.

17th January
I know this will sound crazy but the neighbour just came to my door and asked me if I was walking around his house last night. Obviously I wasn’t. I had trouble sleeping but I didn’t leave the house. I just walked around and started to alphabetize my books and DVDs. I fixed the banging door and the window today too. I feel accomplished.

18th January
The banging happened again last night. I got up to search for its source but found nothing. It’s as if it was in the walls. I will call an electrician or something tomorrow to deal with it. I hope I can find one.

19th January
The electrician has just left. He said that old houses like this are a problem to get into as the walls could contain harmful things. That didn’t ease me at all. I suppose I will get used to it. The strange thing is that the banging seems to have taken on a rhythmic sort of beat now.
*thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* That’s the best way to describe it.

20th January
I started making a tune with the thumping last night. I would repeat what I heard back by tapping the walls after it thumped. I was oddly amused by this. I suppose it won’t bother me as much now that I am learning to accept it as a part of the house.

21st January
The boxes still hadn’t been taken away yet. I would have thought someone would have come by and taken them by now. I might have a sneak peek into them and see what’s in there. The neighbour also stopped by and handed me a piece of paper. He looked nervous as he did and didn’t say anything as he handed it over. He just held it out, looked into my eyes and when I took it he left.
It said “Get out!” written on it. I wasn’t sure if this was a prank or not but he always did seem odd. Well, ever since the night he thought I was walking around outside.

22nd January
I looked into the boxes and saw a few things: -Photo albums (empty)
-Pencil case (empty)
-Trophies with the names scratched off
-And a CD with “The Beat.” written on it.
I might play the CD later when I set up the stereo.

23rd January
The CD didn’t work in the CD player. I put it into my computer to see if there were files on it. I only saw three. They were called: 15011200.mp3, 17011200.mp3 and 19011200.mp3. They didn’t have any sound on them though. Well, not that I could make out. Just random soft beat noises.

24th January
Okay this is strange. I heard the thumping again last night but it wasn’t like before. It was louder. Then as I booted up my computer this morning it opened to the folder with the Mp3’s on it. There was a fourth track now. 23011200.mp3 it was called. Is this that neighbour playing jokes on me? Why did he want me out of the neighbourhood? I might go ask him later when he gets home.

25th January
I went around to the neighbour’s place yesterday afternoon. Gregory is his name. His wife answered the door. I think her name was Linda or something. She just opened the door a crack like she was scared and said he wasn’t home and if I knew where he was I should tell her. Maybe they had a fight or something. I still haven’t slept a good night’s sleep yet. It’s getting colder at night which is bizarre being summer. Today has been uneventful too. Nothing new to report No banging or creaking at night. Just cold.

26th January
Finally finished unpacking last night. I couldn’t sleep so I finished everything I could. I even cleaned up something I must have spilled in the kitchen a few nights ago. I’m lazy but that’s the perks of living alone. You can be. I listened to 23011200.mp3 last night. It was weird. There was a louder thumping but also something else in the background. Like a TV that you can hear from the other end of the house but can’t quite understand. Mumbled talking.

27th January
The banging was back again. It now sounds like it’s in the room with me. I started to play drum-a-long with it again but I got no reply after the first time. Just one *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* and then it stopped. That’s okay. Maybe that means I can stop it now and can get some sleep.

28th January
I just read the creepiest thing on my computer. It was a word document that just said: “One more time.” I swear if this is Gregory I am going to beat him to death. Moving is stressful enough but having someone mess with me every other night is annoying and infuriating. I mean what about Linda? She must think he is off having an affair. I will have to confront her about this soon.

I just got back from Gregory’s house. I knocked on the door and Linda answered but didn’t open it. She just told me to go away. I guess I will have to call the police the next time. I warned her that through the closed door too. She fell silent so I walked home.

29th January
Another file was on the CD… 28011200.mp3. I played this one and heard the loud rhythm again but only once. The file played for an hour but there was next to nothing else I could make out from it. What is Gregory playing at?! I am going to call the police.

30th January
The police came and went yesterday. They spoke to Linda who just gestured in my direction and was hysterical. When the police came over they asked me all sorts of questions. One of which I wasn’t expecting. “Are you aware of the disappearances in the neighbourhood lately?” I had no idea that was happening. I barely left my house.

31st January
Still no sleep. I don’t remember last night much. I remember walking outside but that’s about it. I really need to get some sleep.

4th February
It’s been a few days since I wrote in this. I have been feeling like a zombie most days and just sit there staring out the window at passers-by. I feel exhausted. My hands hurt. My ribs hurt.

5th February
I find myself tapping the beat from the walls that stopped a while ago. What is happening to me?

6th February
I caught myself outside Linda and Gregory’s place last night. Knocking on the letter box with my fist. *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* I would repeat it until I was too sore to continue but I couldn’t stop. I swear I heard laughter coming from my house. Had I left the TV on? I hope no one saw me.

7th February
Where did I get the voice recorder from?! How long had I had it?

8th February
I am better now. I found Gregory. He was in my wall. He won’t be making that noise again.

19th February
I slept for the first time in months. It was SO VERY relaxing. I was calm. There’s no one in the neighbourhood to make a banging noise now. Just me and the house. Being a solitary person, that’s all I need. I like to be on my own.

20th February
Silence. Just pure… silence.

“I am sitting here in the comfort of my room reading these things into my voice recorder. I have no idea where it came from or why I am using it. I just wanted to record something. It’s quiet in the town now. I hope that whoever finds this knows that I had to do it. I had to do what I did. I needed the quiet. I needed the thumping to stop. It has now. I’m all alone in this town. I can finally sleep at ni-*thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *thump thumpthump thu-thumpthump* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUMP THUMPTHUMP THU-THUMPTHUMP* *THUD!*”


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5 years ago

what if the thumping was the heartbeats of the neighborhood and at the end his own? O.o I did the tapping myself and it almost reminded me of a heartbeat

CommanderMeouch avatar
5 years ago

I really enjoyed this. Very well written, very creepy. I’m a little confused as to what was making the banging? Was it the old tenants of the house? And I assume the narrator killed everyone in the town? But, I digress, it was good. It was darn good.

GrimmBullet avatar
7 years ago


creepypasta_jeff avatar
7 years ago

Two THUMPS up! It was great! I love it!

7 years ago

Have restarted browsing through Creepy Pasta after about six years, and I must say…it’s good to be back.

Abellavita82 avatar
7 years ago

I don’t understand. Was he the cause of the disappearing of everyone and was Gregory dead when he found him in the walls ? Someone explain because I for one am lost!

7 years ago

that was actually awesomely creepy x3 good job!

8 years ago

awesome yet creepy

76t5r avatar
8 years ago

Was the guy sleep walking or something? That would explain why he was tired all day.