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Does Anyone Know Which Film This Scene Is Set In?

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Does Anyone Know Which Film This Scene Is Set In?

I was around 8 at the time, when I was told to go to bed at 8:00 pm. My parents would just watch TV whilst I’m in bed until midnight. I was very obedient at the time as well, the only reason I would get out of bed after 8:00 is to either grab some water or head to the bathroom. However, that was only until that night when I was too scared to even do both of those things.

One night, it was just me and my mum at home as my dad was working abroad; I went to grab some water for the night and found my mum sleeping on the sofa with the TV on. When I took a peak at the television, it seemed to be playing one of those idyllic looking 60s or 70s films about dancers? Singers? Performers? I wasn’t too sure but it was giving the similar idyllic vibes to films like Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Sound of Music etc. It was showing all the women All dressed in pink dresses, pink fedora hats, black tights and pink heels. In fact, the colour composition of the film was mostly pink and black, with a whimsical touch. They were all gathered in the Makeup room, gossiping in slightly hammy mannerisms; just like in almost every movie from the 60s. I couldn’t remember what they were talking about as I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying.

However, I do remember that there was this one woman, who looked slightly younger than the rest, who wasn’t wearing a fedora hat, but instead two plaits. She seemed to be the main character as the camera seemed to be focusing on her most of the time. She seemed very shy, especially with her high-pitched baby-like voice and I think the other women seemed to try to invite her to their party. Again, I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying, nor was I that interested, so I went straight to the kitchen to grab some water.

As I was lying in bed, I had a desperate urge to go to the bathrooms. As I was sitting on the loo, all I could hear from the television was just nothing but girly giggling, again very hammy in at least today’s standards. I remember I was just sitting there, not really doing anything but daydreaming and even listening to the sounds from the television. It all seemed innocent, until I heard aggressive arguing coming from the television. I remember rolling my eyes, thinking it was just another hammy performance until I heard that same baby-like voice shriek at the top of her lungs, aggressively shouting “IT WASN’T ME!” That’s when I rushed out of the loo to see what was going on.

When I looked at the television, the scene took place in a pink and black bedroom, similar to the Makeup room. All the women seemed to be bickering against this main girl with the plaits, all exasperated. I remember this girl yelling back “LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE! I DIDN’T DO IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!” as the main girl tried to leave, one woman grabbed her by the shoulder; pulled out her knife and jabbed it at the main girl’s hip. The girl screamed at the top of her lungs whilst all the other women came up to her, carrying their own knives and started stabbing that girl. That moment, I was shocked. One by one, each woman took turns stabbing that poor girl whilst that girl kept trying to roll away and escape the attack but it wasn’t successful. The girl kept crying, even pleading “Please! I’m sorry! Please!” Whilst the women never responded, and continued stabbing her.

I remember whenever the women took turns to stab that poor girl, the ones who’s turn to attack had a very aggressive and unforgiving look on their face. The other women on the other hand all giggled sadistically. Despite how horrifying the scene was, it wasn’t very realistic; the performance was still very hammy with the girl only screaming when she gets stabbed, all the women who took turns grunting aggressively and also the lack of blood in this scene. Not to mention, that the stabbing has been going on for around two minutes but the girl still hasn’t died yet. Either way, it was still enough to horrify me as a child as it still wasn’t something I wanted to witness from a television. Especially at the film that had a whimsical composition.

The scene ended with the girl collapsing to the floor, out of breath. One woman crawled up to the lying down girl, drawing her knife at the girl’s waist and finally drew blood. The girl shrieked once more before becoming immobile. Again, not the most realistic way to die, but still such a terrifying scene. The scene cuts to the old man in the suit crying his eyes out, in the church. The camera pans to the plaited girl lying in her coffin, completely lifeless. Then the camera pans back to the old man, revealing the same women behind him. My terror continued looking at the women who clearly appeared in the girl’s funeral after what they had done to her. I was hyperventilating, I was so scared of what the women were going to do at the funeral. The old man suddenly stopped crying, turned around and shook one of the woman’s hands and said “Thank you so much!” in a seemingly pleased manner. That’s when I freaked out and ran to my bedroom.

I struggled sleeping that night, tossing and turning, crying in my bed; still listening to the sounds coming from the television. This continued for a good 20 minutes until some loud jazz music played from the television. That’s when my mum woke up from the sofa and turned off the television. I was relieved but still struggled sleeping after the horror I just witnessed. What was the purpose of that film? What’s the full story? What did the girl do to deserve such harsh punishment? Why were these women invited to the girl’s funeral? Why was the old man happy in the end? I’m sure this film could possibly be nuanced in the end but still!

To this day, I still struggle to find which film this scene came from. I tried looking it up on Google with “The 60s film of the braided girl getting stabbed”, “That pink and black film” etc. Literally a needle in the haystack. I was hoping to see the full film as I am now more desensitised to horror so possibly I could actually enjoy this film so if anyone knows of this scene, do let me know as it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Red_Speedrun avatar
10 days ago

Nice Creepypasta made me shiver.

14 days ago

Might be an underground horror film or something. U remember what channel it was on? Probably not, but I’ve never heard of anything like this.