Is She In The Kitchen?

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May 18, 2011.

My name is Greg, I just moved into my new house in Pennsylvania. Me and my Girlfriend have had the house for at least four months now and we’ve managed to mold it into what we’ve wanted for years. My Girlfriend, Carmen works almost the entire day so I find myself with the entire new house to myself with a lot of time to kill. But lets just cut to the chase…

My phone vibrates. “Carmen: going 2 be home late, sorry babe.” “Probably work,” I assumed. “With her being conned into staying late by her new boss, I should expect her to get home at 12:00. I might as well go to bed now.” And with that I slid into bed and fell asleep soundly. When Carmen wasn’t home I always felt insecure, like I wasn’t safe. It was always a “thing” I had when no one was in the room, and before Carmen came into my life I wondered how I even slept. But tonight was different. The pillow was just that more comfortable, the sheets were silkier, and the refreshing breeze coming from the bedroom window guided me to slumber.

*SLAM*. I awoke to the alarming sound of a window or door shutting. I gazed over at the clock, still half asleep. It read: 10 o’ clock, indicating that I hadn’t gotten much sleep for one, and two that Carmen couldn’t be home this early. With that, I arose to see that my window, (That was 3 or so inches cracked before) was now fully open and the blinds had fallen onto the floor with the large gusts of wind that now blew into the room. I got up, shut the window and plopped back into bed and again, quickly fell asleep.

This time I had dreamt that I was in the house. It was before we had bought it. It was bare and empty with no furniture or decorations. Me and Carmen went to check out all the rooms, the first room we looked at was the bedroom. The bedroom was bare like it would be in any newly bought house. Just as I had remembered, me and Carmen had lied down on the bed and agreed this was right for us. With a giggle or two we got up and checked out the other rooms. We looked at the bathrooms, bedrooms, and everything else. And as soon as the tour was finished we walked down stairs and were escorted towards the door to leave. But just as we were departing, I said “Oh wait, I was wondering if I could see the kitchen.” The man replied with a puzzled face, “Oh no sir, we already have a resident there.” Taking it as a joke, I asked “Well can we see it though?” And with haste he showed us to the kitchen. I turned the corner and saw the darkened room. It stuck out against the entire rest of the house dramatically. It had a counter stained with darkened marks, the ceiling and corners were covered in what looked like black mold, and in the center was a huge scorch mark where our dining room table was at in reality. In disgust, I turned to Carmen. Carmen with a straight face said to me, “Whats wrong? Don’t you mind sharing?”

*THUD* I awoke. The noise this time was recognizable. A door downstairs opening. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 12:00. It was probably Carmen, so I slumped over and closed the window so she wouldn’t ask about the curtains. All I wanted was sleep, and now that she was home I hoped I would finally get some without noises waking me up constantly. I layed back and closed my eyes as I heard her walk up the stairs. But when she reached the top of the stairs, there were no more footsteps heard. I wondered what she was doing and glanced up. I was surprised to see that someone twice as tall as Carmen was standing in the doorway completely still. For a minute I just stared thinking of possibilities of why this person was in my doorway and why it was not in fact Carmen who walked up the stairs. “Is she in the kitchen?” The person asked, now clearly a distinguished male. “Is she in the kitchen?” it repeated, and then left downstairs without making a single noise.

I woke up again. It was a dream, I had realized now. Glancing at the clock again, it was 12:30 still. I figured I must of dozed off as soon as Carmen walked in. I flailed my arm to the right side to find that Carmen wasn’t in bed. Then the noise of a door opening and closing echoed through the home. “Was Carmen home this time?” I had to know for sure. I got up with caution and walked downstairs. The entire living room was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything. I waltzed my way into the kitchen and to my relief the back door had blown open like my window. I fast walked over to the door and closed it. I turned to see the tall figure staring blankly at me. I jumped in fright as it said “Is she in the kitchen?”

I awoke to the same slam. Glancing at the clock it was 10:00. Too early for Carmen to come home. This was the last time. All I wanted was sleep, and it was time I stopped this re-occurring dream. This time I walked downstairs and to the fireplace. Even if we haven’t used the fireplace since we moved in, the fireplace poker was about to get its use. I picked it up and got a good grasp on the wooden handle, then I walked towards the kitchen. I was prepared this time, prepared for it. I turned the corner to see the figure in front of me. I swung and hit it directly in the head. Ready for a fight, I flipped the light switch to see my Carmen lying on the floor in a pool of crimson blood. I fell to my knees in agony as tears dripped down my face and onto her corpse. If only I knew…

If only I knew…

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4 years ago

Carmen is okay. She’s just sleeping.

5 years ago

Best one I’ve seen! 100/10

PastelEmoFish avatar
6 years ago

I would eat this again but its a bit to story-like I wish Greg spoke a little more naturally.

ViolentViolet666 avatar
6 years ago

Thats too bad….. Good story tho

6 years ago

“But wait…if..then….but how….why……WHAT THE FUDGE ITS INCEPTION!”

6 years ago

good pasta 100/10

duruzu avatar
7 years ago

the description of the creature along with the narrator’s nonchalant sleepy reaction really gave me the chills..! such a good pasta.

fallen avatar
7 years ago

i enjoyed this story it was well written

creepypasta_jeff avatar
7 years ago

Best Story Ever! I would definitely have nightmares after reading this. Poor Carmen!

8 years ago

hey really nice Creepypasta man

Melvinthesecond avatar
8 years ago

Nice pasta

8 years ago

Very gross but awesome! 7/10

IAmBread avatar
8 years ago

Very well written! I enjoyed it immensely, I give it 10/10 breads!

8 years ago

good story so creepy too! 10/10

10 years ago

Wow lol Loved the Pasta.. cruel Irony. But good writing, enjoyed reading it 😀