Song of the Piper


The police radio buzzed with static.

“We got a double homicide reported at city lake. Any units in the area go check it out.”

The cop in the police cruiser pulled the talkie to his mouth. “I’m in the area and am on my way, over.” He clipped the radio back into place and pulled out of the dirt road where he was patrolling. The dark and stormy night promised not many drivers out, but still a couple of cars drove by every now and then. It was a short drive to the lake, only a few miles down the road. Pulling into the clearing, the headlight beam shone on two dead figures laying in the gravel.

“Oh sweet mother…” The cop got out of his car and grabbed his gear. He flicked on his flashlight to examine the scene and the bodies. The victims had been bleeding; their nose and upper lip were painted red with blood as well as their ears. Dozens of slits and cuts were found all over the body, and blood had streamed out and into pools on the ground. It was a grizzly scene and the victims, one male one female, had tattered and muddy clothes. Their faces had been mutilated and scratched heavily. The cop hurried back to his cruiser. He picked up his radio once more.

“I’ve confirmed two dead victims; male and female, over.” While waiting for a response movement caught his eye just outside the car. He scanned the area but saw nothing but gravel and the lake.

“Copy that officer we’re sending forensics over now.” Came the reply from the radio. Then again he saw the movement. This time in front of the car by the victims. Drawing his gun and flashlight, the cop got out of the car.

“Hey! Who’s there!” He called into the pitch blackness. No reply.

“Mind’s playin’ tricks on me.” The officer concluded lowering his weapon. Then came the soft pitter patter of feet on gravel behind him. He turned.

“What the-” Nothing. Then he heard it. A soft, faint sound distinctly like a flute. The same tune played over and over again, slowly growing louder. The cop spun around, aiming his flashlight at his surroundings, trying desperately to locate the source of the sound. The music kept growing louder until the officer was sure it was right beside him. He felt warm liquid trickle out of his ears as his vision slowly blurred. He tried to run but his feet wouldn’t move, as if he was frozen in place. Then suddenly he began to walk towards the river bank, however it was not him that was walking. He felt as though someone was pushing him with an invisible hand. He continued to be pushed until he was waist deep into the river. His vision cleared as he looked at the shore, and saw where the music was coming from. All he could make out was a pair of hands holding a pan flute and a set of eyes watching him. They were blood red and the cop found it impossible to tear his gaze away. He felt the river floor began to sink under his weight faster and faster. The once waist deep water had grown to neck deep almost instantaneously. Realizing what was happening he tried ignoring the music, but somehow it continued as strong as ever. He heard it even when he covered his ears. He felt himself sink into the river even farther still not able to move. All he could do was stand helplessly listening to the music he was sure would be his last. Then he sunk.



The last thing he would ever hear was the mesmerizing song of the piper.


Nearly a half hour later the forensics team arrived. The three men got their gear out and walked to the scene of the murder. The police cruiser’s lights shone on the dead victims but the officer was nowhere to be found.

“Officer Blake go look for the officer on duty.” The lead forensic scientist told his colleague. The other two began to investigate the murder.

“Both victims have what appears to be hemorrhage in both ears. ” One said confused. “They’re bleeding from the nose as well…” The other pointed out. His partner nodded.

“But other than that no other wounds…” He pondered.

“Same with the woman.” The other said lifting the female victims body up to study her front side. Then the the other officer called to them.

“Guys I see something in the water!” He choked, aiming his flashlight at the river bank. A figure was just barely visible under the light. The other two waded into the water.

“What is it?” Officer Blake asked nervously. The two men reached in the water and fished their hands around.

“What in the-” The two forensic scientists heaved a body out of the river and onto the gravel shore. His ripped and muddy uniform signified he was the officer on duty. The rookie, officer Blake turned his head from the gruesome sight.

“Blake go call this in.” As the two officers investigated the third body, they were unaware of another set of eyes watching them from the bushes. The man brought a pan pipe to his lips.

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CommanderMeouch avatar
5 years ago

It was good but I’m a little confused. At first you say their faces were ripped and mutilated, but then at the end it says they’re bleeding from their ears but no other wounds… other then that though, good stuff. I love the whole evil pied piper

FlowerOfDarkness avatar
6 years ago

How doesn’t the man playing it die then? It says it’s a man in the end and the music can’t be ignored so he should be dead. Nice story still

amaranth49 avatar
7 years ago

Hypnosis/mind control through music? That’s been done like 50 times already.

EnZanity avatar
7 years ago

@tdmcnally That also makes more sense. I have no more questions

7 years ago

“Dozens of slots and cuts were found all over the body..and their faces had been mutilated “, then later, they are bleeding from the ears and nose “but other than that, no other wounds”. This story was inconsistent, predictable, and uninteresting.

7 years ago

Meh. Didn’t creep me out at all. Somewhat creative though….

RedK avatar
7 years ago

Not very creepy or unique. 2/5

CreepyDuckling avatar
7 years ago

BTW, there’s a shrek movie on halloween that features a zombie like version of the piper…not scary, but It’s pretty freakish. It makes me want to quit my music lessons…

CreepyDuckling avatar
7 years ago

I…..Freaking……Hate……Pipers……and flutes.

HattyMchatiington avatar
7 years ago

I found this story quite ammusing