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A grounding journey into the eeriness of the mundane. These tales probe the unsettling truth that horror is not confined to the realms of fantasy, but often lurks within the familiar contours of everyday life. Brace yourself for a disturbing reflection of the world as we know it.


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06:00 AM

Crumbling House Next Door

The Hanging Tree

Mirror Mirror

I Was Cursed By the Black-Eyed Children

Hyper Cola


When the Wind Blows: Alternate Ending 

The Monster of Nobel Coffee and Tea

End of it All


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World’s Best School Psychologist

You Look Like My Son



by Camden Lamont

All The Papers Lied Tonight

Exploding Head Syndrome

The Smiling Man

My Grandfather Suffered from Dementia

“Satan’s Fall”


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Abandoned by Disney

Gateway of the Mind


by Camden Lamont

“Satan’s Fall”

Squidward’s Suicide

The Curious Case of Smile.jpg

The Expressionless


“Come Closer”

My Brother