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About me

Hello dear Cp lovers, addicts, and newbies! I'm xXLittleLovelyXx, but you can call me Little. I hope I can make this short enough for you so you won't get bored. I usually rant on and on never to come to an end. But whatever, here are some facts about me, my likes and dislikes, and blah blah blah.
~Random Facts About Me~ I am a Creepypasta lover/addict and am more than likely to read them in a dark vacant room at night (no matter how much they might scare me) , I am afraid of the open sea and not knowing what could be swimming beneath me, I have a pet dog named Jupiter, I LOVE Greek Mythology (It's one of my favorite subjects) , and I am also a fan of YouTubers like David Near, Mr. Creepypasta, and ASecretIHave - just to list a few -.
~Likes~ Cloudy days, rain when it's not to heavy, Creepypastas, Ramen noodles in its various flavors, oranges, coconuts, and MMOs & RPGs.
~Dislikes~ I am trying to be a vegetarian so I won't eat anything with meat in it, The Twilight Saga (even though I sorta think the guys in it are kinda hot) , Kristen Stewart (she seems to have the personality of a wet blanket) , nagging moms (like mine) , snotty bitches, gossips & idiots.
So here you go! Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Hugs & Kisses, xXLittleLovelyXx