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About me

Listen, I'm just a twelve year old kid that loves to write, my creepypastas aren't the best and I can't help it, I'm not trained, and some of my stuff might be complete crap, but I love to express myself, and I love to try.I plan to make more bigger and more better creepypastas as I progress in life, so please don't knit pick me to death, I'm not a full blown writer, just a kid that has a passion for writing.

I actually regret making my first two creepypastas, but I don't have the option to delete them, so I'm left with two completely terrible creepypastas waiting for someone to read, ugh...I wish I never made them, I'm just not that good at the horror genre. If you want better content, go to my account on Storywrite, its named Bronygamer788, the stories/poems there are way better then the amateur stuff I've wrote on this account, though the content there isn't that spooky, whatever, its not like anyone is going to read this bio.