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About me

I'm 17, pansexual boy. I'm a senior in highschool. I live in Manhattan Beach, California. I love math, astronomy, and science fiction. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression so if anyone is going through anything like that you can contact me through KiK (thehorizontries) or Snapchat (thehorizontries). If anyone just wants to talk about anything at all I love meeting new people and you can message me on kiK or Snapchat too. :3 Creepypasta is my favorite website. I do my absolute best when writing my stories. You can contact me at [email protected]
Instagram: HedgehogBoat
Twitter: @HedgehogBoat, @conservecountry, @atheismnow1
Tumblr: hedgehogboat.tumblr.com, my poetry at thelandcalleddesolation.tumblr.com
Youtube: TheHorizonTries
Vine: TheHorizonTries