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About me

I am 43 years old.Born in France. Grew up in the UK and France. Currently live in London ,UK (7mths of the year) and France (5mths of the year). I no longer reside in Australia as of end of August 2016. My real name is Samantha Cristine Cevert . I work in PR (Back in UK full time now to run the family buisness) and as a Photographer in Motorsport (Contracted By FIA) . I also Train and Show/Breed Thoroughbred Horses. I'm recently taken having found my lovely partner Carolina Amara Sheltie (Artist/Writer/Photographer) who is 39 and from Germany (And also a MAD Creepypasta Fan !!!!!) . I have no children but do have many beloved pets (2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 ferrets , a large pond of Koi Fish, A Parrot (An Australian Sulpha Crested Cockatoo Imported 2001 and Female and she loves talking and swearing and thinks she's a phone at times ) and 5 Horses) and a much loved 1969 Chevrolet Impala (Black and Imported to UK by myself as a 40th Birthday Gift to Myself in 2013!!) that I really love driving and listening to my fav. Hard rock and heavy metal music (not this crap modern wimpy pop shite).
I love anything Horror/Supernatural/Ghosts/Apocolypse/Serial Killers. The scarier the better.
Currently Im a Member and Part Organiser of the Local Amatuer Horror/Supernatural/ Creepypasta Writers Club here in London ,UK named The NIGHTOWL SCARE EM GOOD WRITERS CLUB :I'm only just starting out with my writing but I hope to have some who enjoy what I do here in the future. I have had a few of my early creepypasta type stories printed in a Amatuer Horror writers magazine run as a underground horror story and fanzine of all things horror / creepy/ supernatural etc. The magazine is called: Dark Underworld . If your interested in joining it (free to all UK residents (small cost for post anywhere else always Avaidable and happy to send to you anywhere) let me know via email anytime).... And I will also answer any questions reguarding the club and magazine if your interested .

Thanks for reading.
(Samantha Cevert)