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About me

Hi. My name is Ganta Igarashi. I used to be in a public school until I was framed for butchering the kids in my class. I used to be in a private owned prison, Deadman Wonderland. It's doubled as a prison and theme park.

It attracts lots of tourists. Inmates are forced to participate in entertaining them. Tourists are oblivious that a lot of inmates die and are slaughtered in games like the brutal bloodbath, dog race.

I'm a Deadman, and like all Deadmen I can control my blood freely and use as a weapon. Some uses their blood as both weapons and defense. I fought hard in a death match called Carnival Corpse.

Luckily Hagire was defeated. And inmates like me got out of that hellhole of a prison. So here I am, in the orphanage. I'm currently playing games and reading Creepypasta on this site. :)
Oh and I love superheroes, like Aceman.