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About me

I love to write creepy and disturbing stories, all for you, my lovely readers!!

I love to get criticism from you guys, as it helps me create better and more enjoyable stories. CreepyPasta has had quite an impact on me and the way I write stories.

I personally recommend stories like BEN Drowned and Lost Silver, as they are well written and thought out.

I do not, however, recommend stories like Jeff the Killer or Sonic.exe. I don't have anything against Jeff the Killer or the author, it's just that it's horribly written (in my opinion). Sonic.exe, however, is so bad that it makes my head hurt. The author is full of him/herself and needs to realize that his/her story is so freaking far of a masterpiece that it's only become laughable.

I'm sorry if you read that, as I have just wasted your time XD