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About me

Hello, my name is Tom Peppard. I write short and simple stories I will attempt some longer ones however. I really struggle with writing these stories because I am dyslexic I would sometimes use this to my advantage and make spelling mistakes on purpose to add effect. However overall I do struggle. I struggle with correct grammar, just writing in general. I am addicted to horror. I love movies, TV, stories, pictures and I love true horror stories. All my pastas are wrote as if I am talking to you because it is so much easier to creep someone out this way. I found inspiration in many different areas but mostly from Nightmare on Elm Street. It is one of the reasons why most of my stories are gore fest. I am new to this and my stories are not going to be major I just want whoever manages to stumble upon them to get petrified. The first pasta I ever read was Meek, I thought that it described what real life is for most people and it manages to make an event that is real look so terrifying and the fact that I actually know people in the same situation also scared me. After I read that I wanted my stories to have a slight amount of truth. I will occasionally write from the point of view of a deadly disease, virus, pandemic. I do this in order to scare people into wanting to do something about it.
The URL will take you to my YouTube channel I do some comedy and Let's plays on there which is terrible. Yet I will begin reading out my pastas on my website I do not have a mic at the moment so the sound quality will be horrendous but I do it in case you cannot be bothered to read the story or if you really struggle with reading. I will also do this with my pastas that have not been released yet.

I bet that sounded like I need to be on a dating website.