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About me

Hey guys, my name is Shadowwing, but i go by shadow. I had a small life that was quite fine my sister had died in a murderous spree by a psycho at my school. i could barely deal with the fact my sister-my best friend-my...ONLY friend was haunted me every night. i....couldn't take it... at ALL. i barely ever slept or ate. i began to see things and go insane myself. That's when i saw....him. CreepsMcpasta, I had only heard of him in stories....he looked at me with his hollow pikachu mask on he quietly whispered to me, "Come with me my darling, I can help you with your pain." I hesitated for a second, looking at his white gloved hand. I smiled then, I felt like I had hope once again. He smiled at me from underneath the mask. He lifted me off the edge of my bed and led me out of the room. Outside of the room waited more "people". Jane, Jeff, Sally and.....him.....he just.....MrCreepypasta.....I stared into his hollow eyes and he stared back. He came up to me slowly and calmly. He calmly spoke and said, "Come with us my child. Be part of our family." His voice was deep and ragged, but soothing. I smiled, filled with joy. I happily agreed to it. He gave a weak smile and handed me a box cutter, "You only have to do one thing for us child....get rid of him." I nodded my head in agreement. I went into my older brothers room silently. I came up to his bed in tears and quietly woke him up. "S-Samantha...?" I smiled at him, "Hush now bubby. It'll all be over soon." He sat up in his bed confused, "Baby, what are you talking about?" I began to cry, "I know you killed sissy....and those other kids. I know what you did." He turned into shock, "" I gave a weak smile as I felt the first transition through my eyes, the color change. Red. "Bubby, you are a monster. I can never forgive you." I pulled out the box cutter and slowly held it up, "It'll all be over..." I slit his throat with a quick slash, "It'll all be over bubby. I love you." I kissed his forehead as he choked on his own blood. I left the room and saw Sally standing outside the room. "It's okay big sister, it isn't so bad after you do it more." She smiled and took my hand. "Let's go get daddy. He's going to take us home!" That was the last day I was ever in the human world. I never missed it. I love it here.