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About me

My friend and I love to write, we love to write about things that can creep you out. Alot of my longer stories will be more character driven and almost like a script. My friend likes the more psycho and madness type of stories, things that drive the character insane, until they finally break, and well I'm sure you know what happens after that. Mostly we write these in our computer class, well because we have nothing better to do. We are already on computers, so we might as well make the most of it. I was the one who originally introduced my friend to this website, because we were both in love with creepypastas, and from day one he was hooked. So since then, everyday in class we type up creepypastas and well what ever comes to mind in that forty-five minute time span. Mostly our stories are small or tiny, but we hope to start expanding to medium and large, maybe one day even huge, to the likes of BEN drowned (one of our favorites actually). Each day we get better and better at writing, so we hope you will enjoy our stories and remember them.