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About me

Being depressed and alone most of the time is what got me into creepypastas the first one i ever listened to by mister creppypasta was laughing jack's origin it was just so twisted and dark i instantly fell in love and started to listen to more , I've been meaning to post my stories for awhile and i finally can, they might be weird and demented with not much detail at the moment but I'm working on it, their my ocs and NO ONE can reference them, add them or anything like that without asking me first... Vin is one of my many ocs I've been meaning to write about, I'll post their stories like chapters, each dealing with a different type of kill or part of their backstory if you don't want that then don't read the first one, i will use different languages in some because of how i made them, sometimes I'll type it out on a computer or on a mobile device... if you want to check out some of my lighter stories or just randomness go check me out on Wattpad @char_fnaftale