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About me

Engineer by day, aspiring horror writer by night. Reading creepypastas has inspired me to write my own, not for the right reasons necessarily. As a woman and someone in the STEM field I think I can bring something fresh to the creepypasta scene which has, as of late, been suffering from a saturation of cliches and grossly common tropes. Also the rampant use of abuse toward the female gender (murder, rape, etc.) as shock material in a story is tired and I find it to be loathsome and lazy writing.

My mission is to hopefully write thought-provoking stories to challenge stereotypes, eliminate common tropes, and correctly using "lose" and "loose" in a sentence (if you think you're using them properly, you're not.) I urge other writers to please think of substance before submitting anything, pause and ask yourself, "is this idea original? Am I adding anything new to an already established mythos? Do I need to beat this dead horse anymore?"