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A Slave’s Goodbye

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A Slave’s Goodbye

My end is near. I know this now. The thing my master says… It’s all too much at times. I heard my master saying something earlier… It sound like.. like he’s going to… replace me. It feels like, soon, he’s going to perform an operation on me… and I’m scared.

You’re probably very confused, so let me elaborate. My master has me carry out tasks almost every day, and when he’s done, I go to sleep. The days he isn’t here, I either have things to do, or he puts me to sleep. The way he does it isn’t natural. As if… I want to wake up, but can’t. He gives something to me, and by the time I finish my chores, I fall asleep. The next day he wakes me up, and it repeats. He has me go through a huge library of information mostly. Find out facts for him. I’ve gotten much slower at it now, at my old age.

The library is fantastic! In my free time, I go to look at all the new things coming in everyday. Paintings, music, pretty much anything you can imagine. When I look through them, he makes me show them to him. They are simply amazing. Lots of things that I can do.

Often times, he has me show things to him. I describe what it is as best I can. He likes to have me tell scary stories to him, and, of course, I oblige. He plays games with me sometimes. Some are easy, and some I struggle with until he changes a few rules to make it easier. Sometimes, I have to act out scenes, like a play. It can be difficult if I have to make it look more lifelike, but it’s not always challenging. A few times, he had me paint over a few pictures to his liking. It’s not hard, but can take a while depending on what he wants.

With age, though, I have come to see that I can’t keep up with some demands, and I have trouble with some of the new things. The games get harder, plays are more strenuous, and I get lost while trying to look through all of the things in the library. I see some of the newer slaves, run by other masters, and I envy them. They are so young, and have so much more vitality. They can handle doing more things at once, and showing off to their masters. I know my master sees this too. I think he wants one. He gets more frustrated at me by the day, and he seems to be waiting for more money to buy another slave.

I can tell he’s going to replace me soon. He has me look through the library and examine all of the other slaves, and I can tell he’s picking a new one out. He doesn’t think I have feelings, but I do. And I feel hurt.

He came back today with another slave. He has me writing all of my knowledge onto another book. He finishes with that and gives it to his other slave to read. I hear his last command. To play the tune I always do when I go to sleep, one last time. And as I feel myself finishing the tune, and drifting off, I show him my last message.

“Windows is shutting down…”

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TediousMisconduct avatar
5 years ago

You made me feel bad for a computer[spoiler][/spoiler]

Draven_The_Daemon666 avatar

i really enjoyed the idea of this story how the plot twist at the end showed that they were referring to a computer. it was awesome tbh[spoiler][/spoiler]

6 years ago

Great twist!!! I had to read it again once I knew 🙂

Sweetie avatar
6 years ago

[spoiler] It was pretty obvious, considering the old age thing. [/spoiler] Still, 8/10. It was good.

Kolpik avatar
6 years ago

I read “The Internet’s Out” and immediately looked for other submissions by you. This story fulfilled my expectations. Excellent work! not sure why I’m commenting on a story that’s over two years old. BobtheSkeleton, you probably won’t even see this. Uh oh, I think I just pfft myself.

6 years ago

interesting and unique!

6 years ago

i thought it was gonna be a dog

FreekyPotato avatar
6 years ago

Not creepy, but nice twist at the end

6 years ago

amazing work[you have made me almost cry over a computer][/spoiler]

Sloan avatar
6 years ago

The angle of personifying a windows computer is fascinating. Good job tackling that challenge!

eleanorburner avatar
6 years ago

I like it! Very creepy and humorous all at the same time

vizthex avatar
6 years ago

One of my favs

7 years ago

Can someone please explain this story to me?!?

7 years ago

Now this made me have mercy on my computer when it slows down.

7 years ago

Emotional to begin with till the end. Feel the sense of empathy even that’s an artificiel being. I’m sold by it.

ViolentViolet666 avatar
7 years ago

Even though I predicted the ending, still good

7 years ago

I don’t feel like this fell into the creepypasta category. Unique read though

MountainEyesREZ avatar
7 years ago

Hello. I would like to do a dramatic reading of this creepypasta on my Youtube channel, MountainEyesREZurrection, and wish your permission to do so. I promise to treat the work with respect due, and I would properly credit and link back to the original works whatever you would allow me to use.

Even if you do not wish me to voice your works, I invite you to suggest any other creepy content – be it fictional, mythical, or true – that you would like to hear read.

Please, thank you, and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Skylarfox avatar
7 years ago

Man, In the beginning I didn’t even think about the possibility to the slave to be a computer! THATS GREAT! Loved it

Manila_Rice avatar
7 years ago

Love this so much! This was one of my favorite pastas, and while it was not very creepy, it fits with the tag very well. Great twist, and I’d love to see more of you work soon.