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The Math Teacher

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The Math Teacher

She stalked the dark hallways of the school, making sure that she made no unnecessary sounds that would attract anyone. She had been following her Math teacher for a few minutes now and was positive that she had seen him wander into the school building.

She checked her watch- she had about an hour to the curfew. The school was deserted, as it had been for the last summer month. She was being extra cautious-she didn’t want anyone seeing her follow her teacher into the school. That could only bring trouble.

She followed her teacher into the dark hallways. Her teacher seemed to be wandering aimlessly, oblivious to his follower. She waited for him to move into someplace quieter so she could make her move.Finally, her teacher stopped in front of the bathroom, probably intrigued by the sound of rumbling pipes and slowly made his way inside.

“Perfect”, she muttered to herself as she reached around for her pink backpack and withdrew a bloodied, solid, lead pipe fro within and made her way into the bathroom. She carefully closed the bathroom door behind her and ever so softly turned the lock. The soft clink of the lock made her teacher turn around to face her. She could see the look of confusion in the old man’s eyes.
She followed his gaze to the lead pipe in her hands and watched as his face contorted into a hideous snarl as he lunged towards her.

A smile forming on her lips, she sidestepped and drove the pipe with all her might into the back of his head with a sickening thump. She watched him crash into the floor. Soon enough, a pool of dark blood formed around his head.

She had done this way too often than she cared to admit.

As her math teacher lay on the white tiled bathroom floor, twitching uncontrollably from the skull bashing he had received just a few seconds earlier, she stood over him, her feet on the either side of his waist, she looked him right in the eye and said “This is for the C- on my last paper” and drove the pipe into his skull again, finishing him.

As she wiped blood and brains from the lead pipe, the walkie-talkie in her backpack crackled.
“Bulldog this is Base. What’s your status over?”
“Base this is Bulldog. The school is clear. I repeat the school is clear. Returning to base now, over and out.”

As she made her way out of the bathroom, she glanced towards the corpse of her math teacher and muttered to herself “Man, this zombie apocalypse is stressful.”

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IAmABear avatar
5 years ago

Nice twist

I Answer Questions Cuz I Can
I Answer Questions Cuz I Can
6 years ago

@EnZanity, I don’t exactly know how to reply to you directly, but I think the reason for the curfew is because at a particular time, more zombies would be out looking for food, since it could have been 11 and midnight was the time more zombies went out, but of course, that’s my idea. Always happy to help, especially when it’s something of my interest.

FreekyPotato avatar
6 years ago

Much twist

loverofcreepy avatar
6 years ago

i loved the ending of the the story so unexpected!

6 years ago

not bad.
short & sweet.
not scary or creepy or interesting really.. but it wasnt bad.

6 years ago

me too 5stars
why are there curfews in a ZA

7 years ago

I like it. Adi1605, mind if I animate this? Of coarse, I would credit you in the video and description after I’m done.

7 years ago

Okay read, not bad but not great

tonetskibm avatar
7 years ago

I dont know but for me it is kinda predictable. But all in all the story was good. keep up the good work.

LolerioNark avatar
7 years ago

I like how the teacher SEEMED alive and that the main character was just a murderer but it turns out that the teacher was just a zombie! woa .o.

tristanmpasta avatar
7 years ago

hey read this creepypasta if anyone cares, here’s a link:

enjoy the video, i enjoyed reading it

DaleV17 avatar
7 years ago

Great Twist! Loved it.

7 years ago

nice ending

vizthex avatar
7 years ago

Cool plot twist, but could use some more explanation.

7 years ago

Didn’t see that coming
Nice plot twist

thatcreepytrainer avatar
7 years ago

/╲/\〳 ᴼᴼ ౪ ᴼᴼ 〵/\╱\

pasta spider approves

LazyLew avatar
7 years ago

Im thinking about reading this in my YT channel.

420/10 Top Kek!!!!! 🙂

ProTatoFries avatar
7 years ago

@EnZanity: A crpurfew would probably be so if you don’t make it back by that time, they know you’re a zombie Nice grammar man

Eminems avatar
7 years ago

I think that it’s a good edition to creepypasta, it’s a defo good read after reading creepypasta for hours, it’s a little humorous break. Keep up the good work!

iMeloyNyan avatar
7 years ago

Math makes you kill.