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Mantis Man

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Mantis Man

Have your ever seen something in your life that you just cannot explain? Do you feel like if you ever mentioned it to somebody else, they would look at you like a raving lunatic? I certainly do.

I remember it vividly. It was on July 14, 2013. I was spending the night over at a friend’s house. We only did what typical teenage boys do, play xbox, talk some shit, look at hot chicks online. Somehow, my friend ended up on a website that contained a bunch of rituals and other creepy shit. The name of the website was something like

As he scrolled through, he came across some bizarre ritual called ” Summoning of the Mantis Man”. The tagline for the ritual read: “Summon the Mantis Man and he will grant you one wish.” Then it listed a series of steps

Step 1: Wait until after 12 am to perform the ritual. While you wait, find a praying Mantis and capture it in a jar

Step 2: Lay out and light 15 green candles in the shape of a stick figure, exclude the head.

Step 3: You will need to make a sacrifice. A small animal. A cat preferably.

Step 4: Spread the blood so that it outlines the shape of the stick figure. Place the mantis above where the head would be.

Step 5: Chant the following rhyme 3 times:
Mantis Man, Mantis Man, accept our gift.
All we ask is just one wish
Mantis Man, Mantis Man come to me
I now set the Mantis Man free

Step 6: The Mantis Man will appear and offer you one wish.

After reading this, I obviously thought it was total bullshit. However my friend seemed very intrigued by the idea. He suggested we try the ritual. I didn’t want to. Not because I was afraid, but because I didn’t want to murder a fucking cat for no reason.

However something compelled my friend to go forward with this. After about a week I paid him a visit. His parents weren’t home so he answered the door and let me in. I discovered he had caught a mantis and was harboring a stray cat he found. Knowing where this was going, I told him ” Dude it’s a fake ritual. Let it go.” He replied ” C’mon, it’s a free wish and all we have to do is slice this cat’s throat and chant some bullshit.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. ” Are you out of your mind? You’re talking about murdering a cat because you read on some shady website that you can be granted one wish. What would you even wish for?” I replied. Frustrated with my incompetence for the whole thing, he sneers ” Maybe ill wish that you weren’t such a fucking chicken.”

Fearing for his sanity, I reluctantly agreed to supervise the ritual. I watched him lay out the candles in the shape of a stick figure. I watched him coax the cat and proceed to stab it repeatedly. The cat let out a horrifying scream. It was so hard to watch such a harmless animal get brutally murdered. Ugh. What a sick bastard. This wasn’t even worth one wish. Honestly, I should recommend him to a psychiatrist because he’s one fucked up human being for doing this.

Anyway, he spread the blood in the outline of a stick figure, placed the mantis at the top, and chanted:
Mantis Man, Mantis Man, accept our gift.
All we ask is just one wish
Mantis Man, Mantis Man come to me
I now set the Mantis Man free.
Three times.

And to nobody’s surprise, nothing happened. I walked straight over to my friend and punched him square in the face. I yelled ” You fucking idiot. You killed a fucking cat for no good reason. You wasted my time, you wasted 15 candles, and you kept us up late performing some bullshit ritual that you found on Google, all for just one wish.”

My friend then let out a scream of terror, not because of me, but because of what he saw behind me. I moved away and turned around. Thats when I saw him.

The Mantis Man. He stood tall, had to be close to 7 feet. It looked like a human, however his arms were replace by sharp, blade like structures. They resembled a cone-shaped machete.On his back were wings that stretched out about 4 feet on either side. His skin was a greenish blue color. He had black eye sockets with small, green irises. His mouth was that of a human, but he smiled, revealing his teeth to be razor sharp and blood stained. His legs had razor like structures sticking out of the calf area.

He stood there, with his terrifying form, teeth still showing. My friend stood back up and approached him. He stared him down for a minute then said ” I wish for 1 million dollars”

Then the Mantis Man let out a terrifying, low pitch, growl that increased slowly in pitch. He lunged at my friend and took him to the ground. He stabbed him several times with his razor sharp arms and ripped open his stomach, revealing his organs. He started eating his organs before placing what appeared to be an egg in what used to be the small intestine.

I ran towards him, but he smacked me back against the wall. Barely conscious, I heard him speaking in a low, growling voice to my friend, who was beyond dead at this point. He said to him” Fool! Human beings are despicable animals. You do not deserve what you desire, nor does anybody. You serve me. I exist merely to rid this world of greed, and human beings taste so good!”

He turned to me and scratched my leg with his razor arm. As I was yelling in pain he spoke in that same evil voice ” you did not summon me. You haven’t let Greed corrupt you. So I’ll avoid feasting on you. For now!”

With that, he vanished into thin air.

Take it from me, if you ever come across this ritual or any other ritual on the internet or anywhere else, please do not perform it. There are forms of evil that need to be kept from entering this world. My dead friend can tell you that. Please do not summon the Mantis Man. Oh, and please, don’t let greed corrupt you.

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6 years ago

I dunno…This reads like a breathless twelve year old going on a rant about their favorite show to it. Transitioning is janky and overall it has a vibe the author was going right to shock value instead of a deeper substance.

theproxyofslender avatar
7 years ago

Interesting…..hehehe….good story…..excellent piece of work

Spookz_Mcgee avatar
7 years ago


Demondark234 avatar
7 years ago

Amazing, yet disturbing story of summoning a demonic insect humanoid creature that is only hell-bent on terror and death

dragonbearr avatar
7 years ago

one thing he should have added in the story was what was in the egg[spoiler][/spoiler]

SimpleWilson avatar
7 years ago

I’d just be like “I already got my wish. You’re here, the ritual worked, and now you can go eat the neighbor kids or some shit. I don’t really care.”

JRGTrumpeter avatar
8 years ago

felt kinda cheesey, but it was good

8 years ago

DONT DO IT Pestilence!

Anathema__ avatar
8 years ago

The ending was sucky, to be honest. It needs more edge, more adventure in finding the “Mantis Man”. The demon was different, at least. Maybe magnify his look, make him more gruesome. If the concept was really greed, add more greed… More edge.

Adrostai avatar
8 years ago

Interesting premise, but not very well written. The reactions of the characters are underwhelming. Thanks for the story though!

Dr.Bubblygum avatar
8 years ago

I want a sequel

DomesticPie50 avatar
8 years ago

Cool story keep it up 🙂

TheSoulMaster avatar
8 years ago

The build-up was nice and I enjoyed the description of the creature, it was very original. But, I have to agree with EnZanity, the ending seemed kind of rushed. Still a tasty pasta though.

8 years ago

Oh cripes!!! I did this but the animal I used was a horse. I did this so I could get a bigger wish. My wish was to end world hunger. Am I still gonna get dead for being greedy?

LilypadsandElephants avatar

Alright pasta but weak ending

MidnightStalker360 avatar
8 years ago

Wait I thought you couldnt add gorey things

Killtheli6ht avatar
8 years ago

Poor cat. It didn’t have to end that way. 🙁

Challen115 avatar
8 years ago

sounds like a bad commercial for a charity fund

8 years ago

Not really impressed, it wasn’t a big plot twist, and it seemed the same as every other ritual pasta.

8 years ago

I’m not going to hate it was a good story but it didn’t make me scared the i hoped but the story was good!