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If you have ever been in a near-death experience, you may have seen your life “flash” before your eyes. I’ve asked several people about this. They said that it was like they went through their whole life in a second. That’s not too far fetched. Your brain likes to avoid stress, so that it does not have to deal with facing death. So if your brain was to think you were going to die, it would go to the easiest way to escape: memory. So when it comes close to the end, your brain turns on every memory you ever had.

The brain will also stay alive for about 7 minutes after you die, provided your brain is intact. So if you have 7 minutes and you can experience your whole life in one second, that’s 60 lives per minute. 420 lives in 7 minutes. That’s a lot of time and a lot of experiences with death.

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6 years ago


GriffFromDiscord avatar
6 years ago

although it mayfeel like a second, its like a dream. for you the second is true, but for everyone else, it would be like you were asleep for maybe 3-4 mins. so really, that 7 mins could just be one life time. 10/10 pasta, would definitely recomend to all readers.

mathemantic avatar
6 years ago

more of a weird, fun fact than a story…

FlareArrowwood avatar
6 years ago

HOLY CRAP THIS IS TRIPPY definitely a 11/10

Proxykid101 avatar
6 years ago

I like it


Carber avatar
6 years ago

this remind s me of a theory me and my brother thought about, our life flashes before our eyes when we die, but who says we are currently experiencing that flash, deja vu when you realize all this happened before. I recently moved into a new house, but i remember being in the place long before.

PepperedAngel avatar
6 years ago

Oh. Ummm… Jeff!!! I need you to kill me!!!

StephenKingFan12139 avatar

It is so weird… it kind of proves a theory I have where your energy transfers into another one’s soul. a soul is just the energy that keeps the body moving. very interesting.

tamemywhiskey avatar
6 years ago

Amazing and very thought provoking!

6 years ago

Mysterious and confusing… I love it.

6 years ago

This is crap, I asked for a creepypasta not a factfile about death.

6 years ago


TheMadGamer avatar
6 years ago

Is this an education article??

Nightmarrionne avatar
7 years ago

This pasta makes sense that it’s tagged “science”, but definitely could have had an interesting twist, such as the facts that he had just stated being what the reader will witness, or something more interesting like that.

xii avatar
7 years ago

Wait, wait.. 420? as in 420 blaze it?

JayTeller3 avatar
7 years ago

I don’t know why, but I always love the small ones more! This proves my point 🙂

Epicalmeow avatar
7 years ago

This one really did give me a mindfuck sort of feel towards the end.

I wasn’t sure if I was keeping pace throughout the pasta, But the ending, In my opinion atleast was definitely worth the little read.

It really doesn’t feel like the story is leading up to that one moment, but at the same time it kind of does.

This story does something to your mind that I love copypastas doing that just leave you in a state of mindfuck statue-still reconsideration and this copypasta definitely did justice.

A great read.

Spread.The.Word avatar
7 years ago

not creepy at all but interesting and really short

DintioAzarac avatar
7 years ago

Is it implying that if i gone to a near death experience. It means that all memories from the moment i have written this comment and the moment i readed this story is a memory that i am remembering from the moment that i am dying XD. This story should be rated high!

iMeloyNyan avatar
7 years ago

Good to know