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In my hometown, Park City, Utah, things are usually pretty quiet and easygoing due to it being the so called, “Number 1 Ski Town” on Earth by about 15 different ski magazines. Not much happens other than the Sundance Film Festival and ski season. I am telling you this to give you some background and to let you realize that nothing paranormal or odd ever happens here or to any of it’s people.

A few months ago I started sleeping more, this is because I am still a teenager and I am probably still growing. When I say sleeping more I mean a lot more. My daily routine is usually school, eating food then sleeping until the next morning which I would later come to find out is very unhealthy psychologically. This whole sleeping thing seems irrelevant but I will get into it shortly.

A dream is defined as, “A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep”. The dreams I started having were more defined as an event or an occurrence. What I mean by this is that they started to seem very real and I started to believe that they were real. Some days I would think back to something believing that it was real and not even realize that it was a dream.

Then the dreams got violent. Some nights I would wake up from screams or loud noises echoing through my spine and seemingly, my house. I would always assume that they were just nightmares and go to sleep but they just kept coming back. I started losing sleep and doing whatever I could to get out of having to go to bed. It got to the point where I would even take on extra assignments at school so I could be doing something that would keep me awake.

One particular afternoon, I was sitting at my dining room table doing some physics homework when I heard a knock on the door. I got up and walked over to the door to see who was there, as normal humans do, and no one was at the door. I shut the door assuming that it was just a grade schooler playing a trick. Then I turned from the door to walk back to the table and saw my mom standing in the mud room looking at me with a puzzled face. “Was someone there?” She said.

“No it was just a doorbell ditcher.” I replied
“Well don’t doorbell ditchers usually ring the doorbell or knock?”
“Yeah, they did knock-“

As soon as I finished my sentence I heard my alarm clock go off and I woke up in my bed. I was very confused because I was positive that the conversation I had with my mom was real. As I sat up in my bed I realized that I was dreaming. I couldn’t feel any part of my body and everything felt cold and lifeless as it usually does in a dream. My body laid back down in bed and “fell asleep” once more and once more I heard my alarm clock go off and I woke up in bed, still dreaming.

I cant seem to get out of this loop. I have tried everything. There is only one way I can think of to end this hell.

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6 years ago

Described my sleep paralysis really good. “I realized I was dreaming. I couldn’t feel any part of my body…” To a T! Needs some description and a little fluff throughout the body.

6 years ago

Ending could have been better

7 years ago

I am a narrator on YouTube and I was wondering if I may have your permission to narrate your story? I will site author and a link to this website!

iMeloyNyan avatar
7 years ago

Story was building up, ending could’ve been better.

breadlord avatar
7 years ago

This should’ve been longer and had more depth to it!! It ends on a weird note and kinda doesn’t make sense? In the beginning you also make it seem like you look back on this event which is odd because how could you look back on event that never ended? This needs clarification and some editing, but it is a nice idea and a good story in thought!

MaximusCorry avatar
7 years ago

Great CreepyPasta!
Man I’ve Once Had A Dream Like This in “Real Life”
i kept waking again and again!
i had to die in the end to “wake up”

ya i’m not sure if this is real 🙁

Decapitations avatar
7 years ago

very good I so can relate to the whole endless dream and thinking that a dream is real when it really never happened

MyKnifeSanktaJack avatar
7 years ago

it was good, very odd and creepy plot

fallen avatar
7 years ago

I believe this has potential but could use some polishing

TheHashSlingingSlasher avatar

Could be better. A LOT better.

aMemeAddict avatar
7 years ago

[spoiler] A tip; kill yourself.
hehehe [/spoiler]

Jammez avatar
7 years ago

who that played with me I thought he was actually studing lol but I guess it was a dream… it was very weird for one fact but I loved it great work and such good content for a short creepypasta

7 years ago

Maybe try explaining how the dreams get violent in the story too.

7 years ago

great story but the plot needs a little work.

DeYtHB avatar
7 years ago

Will the story be continued??
– Because it ended in open!

SneakyCreepyPasta avatar
7 years ago

I think like other person in this comment section has posted is:
this has great potential
as well it could be polished a bit better
but i still enjoyed it and gave it a 6/10

Scary Pasta
Scary Pasta
7 years ago

Nice creepypasta loved it!

7 years ago

it is great

7 years ago

As I sat up in my bed I realized that I was dreaming. I couldn’t feel any part of my body and everything felt cold and lifeless

wait i’m confused how do you sit up and then realize that you cant feel any part of your body.

7 years ago

not quite. It was okay but it needed more detail and plot. 4/10