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Message From A Friend

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Message From A Friend

Hello there.

It’s funny how after all this time I still don’t know your name, but it doesn’t even matter anyway as long as I know you. Yeah, I know you seem confused right now, I know you enough to tell this message will give you a reaction like that, but you shouldn’t be. Well, at least not for long. You see, I was with you this whole time. I was right next to you for the last few years or so. I was watching you sleep, heard you talk with your friends, and I know what you had for lunch any day.

You almost saw me quite a few times. I had to hide from you a lot. You know that time when you felt someone behind you and just as you turn around to look no one was there? Well, there was, you only didn’t see me.

As I was watching you, I realized that you are actually a good person and I grew quite fond of you and for the last few days I was trying to find a way to talk to you, but I knew you would be afraid when you hear my voice, just like last time. Instead, I got a better idea.

I saw you using this device quite a lot. And I saw you like to visit a website like this. So I wrote this message to you, hoping you would read it one day. Now that you are reading it, I told you what I wanted to tell you. I think now you are prepared enough to see me. We can finally be friends.

I will show my face to you tonight.

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3 years ago

this was a good creapypasta, but of course i cant speak for everyone,that read this story, anyways it was more like a love kind of pasta, overall i like how its a short pasta and,that its base on someones life,but i recommend to read it and i give it a 10/10, ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️JUST MY HONEST PINON⚠️

5 years ago

Sounds pretty good, especially if it’s written by a hot girl.

DrJagged avatar
6 years ago

When I’m actually excited for tonight because someone thinks I am a good person…

Great pasta, the idea of thinking up things ourselves – I love it.

Not creepy, but suspenseful and makes the reader think, just as good as a creepy and gory story


GriffFromDiscord avatar
6 years ago

gf is in jail, and now im gonna get some person in my bed, wtf even rn. im out, cant do this anymore. pretty good pasta. 5/5. relates to me to well, this is actually kinda creepy.

6 years ago

Ooooh I can’t wait like new friends

TheReaperHasCome avatar
6 years ago

Yaaaayy!! Creepy Friendships!!!

6 years ago

ew i got chills


paranormofreak avatar
6 years ago

Guess who’s got two thumbs and ain’t sleeping tonight? THIS GUYYYYY (っゝω・)っ~☆

6 years ago

More like a cutiepasta lmao

Grimoire avatar
6 years ago

Oh, cool, a local friend for once.
Come meet me, bro. We can hang.

StephenKingFan12139 avatar

Freaky. very freaky. #Stalker

unknowntemptation avatar
6 years ago

you’re invited but don’t kill me.

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

Hey if you’re breaking into my home I will be waiting with a baseball bat

LolerioNark avatar
7 years ago

Wow, happy that this person likes me and maybe WON’T kill me.

Random Man
Random Man
7 years ago

Yay for new friends that stroke you in your sleep!!!

KookieDough1 avatar
7 years ago

This is the first time I went on this website tho

Creepymasta avatar
7 years ago

Why weren’t you there? I expected you to pop up, or at least show up at one time or another- but you made me sad.

TheFnafManiac avatar
7 years ago

(Me) (•3–) Well,try to come here if you want.Thought I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy this experience as much as I will(makes a crazed smile and lifts a leather whip and iron sacles)

(Creature) (°x°!) -I’m outta this shit…

FlowerOfDarkness avatar
7 years ago

This person might just be shy and scary-looking. Doesn’t really seem evil, just friendly. 5 stars

Creea avatar
7 years ago

sure but how will i know which little devil you are tonight? i mean it is Halloween after all!! >.<