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Lucid Mystery

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Lucid Mystery

A Lucid Dream is when the dreamer knows that he or she is dreaming at the moment. This powerful knowledge can make the dream seem more fun, with the dreamer being able to control everything.

Meanwhile, an Out of Body Experience is when the dreamer is not dreaming, but they sometimes believe that they are currently in a dream.

However, what happens when a dreamer believes that he is in a dream but realizes that he cannot control it? That my friends is called a Lucid Mystery.


I don’t know how much time I have. I don’t know if I will be alive, or, out of this nightmare by some grace of God. No…this has to be a dream.

It all started, well, I have no idea how this whole thing started. I never know how something in a dream begins because you are always thrown in the middle of and action. In other words, I have some sort of knowledge that something is going on, but It’s all too fuzzy and I currently am too busy running as fast as I can.

You see, I am in a dream, at least I am almost perfectly positive that I am. The walls have been leaking this weird, watery gel substance at a constant rate throughout, and I know that that has to be an indicator of a dream. Nothing that outlandishly strange happens in real like…right? Meanwhile, I also hear the distant screams of metal bars and rods as they start to fall to pieces and crash onto the wet pavement on the puddle-ridden floor. I do know one thing, I must be running away from something because I have been noticing some fleeting shadows on both sides of the tunnel

Sometimes, I fall down. Once, I tripped on a metal bar lying in the middle of the corridor. I started to gather myself, when I start to feel the darkness start to envelop me. I can’t tell you what that means, but I feel my soul, my humanity being ripped away from me. My body is crippled, both by my incredible fear of my soul being attacked, and the fact that I can’t do anything physically. I can’t simply move at my own will and escape from the grasp of darkness. The sensation can only be described as being forced down upon the ground with much force, like in a dream.

This must be a dream, a very real and visceral nightmare. I believed that I could wake up at any moment, as was typical for these kinds of nightmares. I tried to reason that whatever is attacking me is not real and I am perfectly safe, perfectly safe in my own bed. Everyone must have nightmares like this sometimes. I start to whistle out loud to myself to calm my nerves.

It is at this time that I hear footsteps. They start out quiet but sound repetitive. They do not have a regular pattern, as the person walks at a limp pace. “Whoever is coming towards me must be struggling. Maybe they are a friend that I just don’t remember, and they need my help”, I pound my head with my palm, trying to wake myself, but the walls around me start to quake again, followed by the screams of metal and crash of water as the rusted bars and rods fall onto the puddles on the floor.

These footsteps start to get increasing louder and louder, and closer and closer, as if the person is getting closer to me. I stop to call out to the mysterious limper.

“Uh, hello? What’s the meaning of this?” No answer, not even a noise. The only thing I hear from this disembodied walker is the increasing louder noise of footsteps. I start to believe that this mystery person wants to see me badly, for good or for bad I remains a mystery.

For at the exact moment when I suspect that I will see my mysterious companion, the walls get more unsteady and start to quake again. The liquid, the watery gel substance starts to fill up the corridor I’m in with much more force and speed. The corridor slowly becomes a death trap as I continue my frantic escape.

But that darkness, it returns to drag me back into the cold, dark, substance. Screams from the metal bars get more and more intense and the room starts to quake.

I start to sprint, to try and escape the approching cascade of watery gel. But, no matter how fast I go, the water comes at me faster and faster. I have no way of outrunning the water. The walls of the corridor start to bend and warp as the metal screams louder and louder. The sound footsteps in the distance are masked by the horrible sounds of broken industry as the last steal rods and metal bars fall off the supports, causing the room to completely fall apart.

“I must be, I must be dreaming” I think to myself, “The companion, the companion can help me”. However, I can’t even hear myself think as I start to yell out for the companion’s help. The splashing footsteps recede into the dark void of my nightmare as the darkness and the water both envelop me and cover me whole. The darkness latches onto me as I start to breathe my last breath.

“I’m asleep, it’s all just a dream…WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!!”

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HellIsEmptyAndAllTheDemonsAreHere avatar

Ironically, this story is the opposite of lucid.

7 years ago

PROOF YOUR WORK BEFORE YOU PUBLISH!!!! Even the best story is crap if it is filled with errors – either spelling or grammatical and this was full of both. It was an interesting concept completely negated by poor writing/proofing skills.

EPICsparklez59 avatar
8 years ago


EPICsparklez59 avatar
8 years ago

So, there is a theory, that if you were to die in your dream, you’d die in real life. This brings me the though that, in good dreams, the outside world is affecting it in a good way. In nightmares, demons are cuddling with you in bed. With a nice glass or red blood -er- wine.

8 years ago

I got bored, because the story was boring, and also, You should learn to proof read. 0/5

8 years ago

Nah, you are not dreaming just in the queue at the job centre. Rubbish.

10 years ago

Seriously… Proof reading is very important.
For one, it looks like you wrote it on your phone, or something that auto-corrects.
And also… Just come back and read this through. Too much bad grammar rambling.
Interesting concept but it needs work.

10 years ago

Actually, a lucid dream is just when you are aware that you are dreaming. it is often difficult to control such dreams. either way it is still a normal lucid dream. I’m sorry you had to read that, this is just a subject that I’m really into. Great pasta though.

10 years ago

I liked how you started this story, however I feel it trailed off a little during the end. I had the overall feel that this was actually happening and didn’t turn out to be a dream, but the ending gave me no clarification. You have a good writing style though.


10 years ago

There are far too many mistakes in this.
Does nobody proof read?

Niklas Alparos-Lilah avatar
Niklas Alparos-Lilah
10 years ago

Must be horrible to be so uncertain. Am I dreaming? is it real? or…