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I am Salt, and I love you.

I have loved a lot of people, but now I love you.

Last week actually I loved this sweet little girl. Her name was Lisa. She had sweet straight golden hair and small blue eyes. When I saw her I just knew I loved her.

About five days ago I saw her playing happily outside so I decided to join her. At first she was scared, but everyone is at first. It was OK though, I told her as much. We went and played in the sandbox. She asked me my name and I tried to tell her it was Salt, but as always my voice was a whisper and dragged out so it sounded more like “sssaaalllttt”. She laughed at this and enjoyed saying my name that way. I liked that it made her happy and so we kept playing. Soon I saw her mother through a window in her house. She was washing dishes. She looked out at Lisa playing in the sandbox. As soon as she saw me her face changed. Where just a moment ago she had seemed content, now her face was ghostly white. She stared at me in terror. Her hands firmly gripping the dish she had been cleaning. I stared back at her. Our little staring contest seemed to last for an eternity though I knew it was really just a couple seconds.

Then she screamed.

She ran to the door and swung it open. She seemed too afraid to come near me so instead she called Lisa to her. Lisa of course got up and walked toward her.

The front door slammed shut.

I wondered what her mother was doing so I teleported inside to find out. Lisa was running upstairs and her mother was in the kitchen on the phone.

I know not to disturb someone on the phone but I wanted to know what she was doing, so I crept up behind her.

“Yes hello?!? This is Jayne Moore. I live at 9851 Oakland Drive. There is a thing outside in my yard…..Yes it is an extremely black creature. It’s taller then any human. It’s eyes are black too…..NO I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!…..Yes it resembles a person except it has claws for fingers. It was outside with my daughter and I could almost swear I can feel it behind me now. Please help me”.

She seemed to be crying. It must be the phone. I knew it was wrong but to make her feel better I cut the cord. She froze. I leaned in starting to put my arms around her to comfort her. She slowly turned around and stared at me. I had thought her face was white before, but now it was almost as white as snow.

She dropped the phone.

I tried to say hi but again it came out as “hiiiiiiii”. She screamed. Lisa came down wondering what was going on. Her mother yelled at her to go upstairs. I didn’t want to lose Lisa, I loved her. How dare she try to take away Lisa. I couldn’t let her keep doing that.

I took my finger and slit her throat.

Lisa screamed.

I picked up Lisa and teleported back to my house. She didn’t seem happy. She was trying to run away. I talked to her telling her it was OK. I loved her and she didn’t have to cry, but she kept trying to run. I strapped her to a table.

A couple of days later she had calmed down, but was still crying. I came in and she struggled against the straps but to no avail.

She looked so pretty.

I told her I loved her and I wanted to keep her forever. She kept crying, but I knew she would be happy soon. So I started doing what I always do. I keep my fingers nice and sharp for this.

I threw my fingers into her stomach. One at a time. In places I had learned from practice. She started screaming. They always did.

I finished.

The blood was oozing out of her body as she lie there screaming. Now came the last part. Now that there was blood my stomach growled and I let it open. Out came the razor sharp teeth. First I was eating her legs making her scream even louder. Slowly and meticulously I worked my way up until her screams turned to gurgling. Soon it was silent and I was done. I loved her. Now she is inside me and I can continue to hear her screams forever.

I am Salt, and I love you.

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3 months ago

love you too salt! but didja know that killing people makes them sad? they would like you more if you didn’t eat them, or kill there relatives.

BlackCat27 avatar
6 years ago

This is very creepy but I also feel bad for Salt, he has no clue that what he is doing is wrong. It’s like he wants friends but is approaching it such a wrong way. Still very creepy and we’ll written!

mathemantic avatar
6 years ago

definitely creepy, but I don’t know that it was a great idea to describe the creature (*while Mother was on the phone)… Almost would have left it open so the audience can project its own image of what it looks like.

nitedragon avatar
7 years ago

really good i liked it a lot, and i loved the twist at the end 10/10

8 years ago

[spoiler] omg this would actually be funny I honestly wouldn’t be scared, I’d most likely hug him ❣ [/spoiler]

EPICsparklez59 avatar
8 years ago

This demon sounds pretty cool to meet! As, well, a friend, that won’t eat me! Lol. 5/5

Darker_Half avatar
8 years ago

Well, Ssaltt. I guess, I love you too. Slumberparty??

artorres95 avatar
8 years ago

So misunderstood!

SimpleWilson avatar
8 years ago

Almost makes me want to trim my claws. But it makes me want to sharpen them more.

no.2539 avatar
8 years ago

This is actually quite a sad story. I just feel bad for the creature because he has no idea what he’s doing wrong. Awesome story and a lovely surprise.

PunkKawaii avatar
8 years ago

Sorry but this was almost cute… Guess it just takes a lot to creep me out these days.

Creepy-cookie6745 avatar
8 years ago

Very good.
I liked the twist at the end.

IAmBread avatar
9 years ago

Wow, that was very imaginative! I’m impressed. 9/10 breads.

9 years ago

That made my insides turn and flop around. I loved it so much. Delicious!

9 years ago

cool story awesome

10 years ago

Omg your name is salt and the story I am just like wow! That’s the awesomest thing EVER!

10 years ago

Constant use of blood and gore cliche.

10 years ago

Flat out dark…but it’s perfect.

10 years ago

I feel like it slender man but hmm