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Upgrades and Limits

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Upgrades and Limits

Electrons excite me. Perhaps that is why I took so readily to computers. By the age of 13 I had cobbled together my first computer from the odd bits leftover from the old computers of friends and family. The rush of creation and experimentation that I felt that day has never been matched, but my experiments are getting closer to recapturing that glory.

The issue of any computer is that it is always in the process of becoming outdated. There are always limits on what technology can achieve. This is why my work is so important, I figured out that the best way to make a computer that didn’t need to be upgraded, that had few limits, was to harness the processing power of the living human mind. In particular, I harnessed yours.

Peeling back your scalp was the easy part; a circular incision prepared the skin to peel with one swift tug. When the drill met resistance I feared my tools were inadequate for my vision, but that crimson gush of blood and mental ichor provided reassurance. Don’t try to speak on my account, I fear this grey, slithy mound here may have been important for that – necessary even. Each probe and connection slid into place among the raw ridges of your untapped mind with only a hint of disagreement. Judging by your bright, undulating crevasses I suspect you were an extremely intelligent person once.

Excellent, I’d hate to be forced to upgrade again soon.

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6 years ago

wait, what? im confuzzled this pasta is all over the palce there is no oe point in time and space

6 years ago

‘shiver’ 5/5

MetallicaFan avatar
7 years ago

i like it pretty well
3/5 😀

alexanderghostshadow avatar

Awesome creepy twist toward the end!

Altogether 4/5

8 years ago

I liked this a lot. It was very short, to the point and nice and creepy. The concept of using human brain tissue as a computer is great. This reminds me if the Robin Cook novel entitled “Brain”.

8 years ago

I think this was in the POV of a computer obsessed psychopath.


Needs a bit more depth… like what happens once you hook “me” up?

Gilly25 avatar
8 years ago

Yeah, sometimes on short ones like this, I accidentally see the last line, and saw something about upgraded, and thought of the Cyberman from Dr. Who. @just_a_freak_like_me

pizzaplatinum avatar
8 years ago

I like it. Maybe it should be listed under “mindfuck.”

NemoLaNoire avatar
8 years ago

I love the concept of creating a computer that runs on a human tower and that such a device would need to be upgraded from time to time, peeling back the flesh of the scalp ever so slowly to visualize the untapped power within. I also feel that there could have been so much more to the story in terms of progression; the reveal appeared quite abrupt. In addition, utilizing a third party as the “body” of the computer rather than the general “you” could have brought a little more discomfort to the reader.

RedPhoenix avatar
9 years ago


It felt unconvincing when you used the pronoun “you”.

RedPhoenix avatar
9 years ago


It felt unconvincing that when you used the pronoun “you”.

Dizzy avatar
9 years ago

hmm,,,,, i dont like it….anyways, have a 5/5 just for now 😀

rexxysis2 avatar
9 years ago

You should make this story longer. It sucks without it being longer. Longer story’s make things more interesting!! Dip.

9 years ago

Hello, I was trying to get in contact with the author of this story. Is there anyway I could maybe get some contact information?

UnknownCheesecake avatar
9 years ago

I expected the twist but how you executed it was great 😉

Big Boss
9 years ago

What is this!?

10 years ago

Fen karh denian fulsda urgeedan (not very good for pasta)

Stop Asking avatar
Stop Asking
10 years ago

dis stori sux cibr men dith dis alredi 2/100